• They are in my country and it has a very positive effect

    1. It increases security in schools, staff can quickly see who is supposed to be there and who isn't.

    2. It helps to create a sense of belonging for the students.

    3. It develops a school tone and school pride, people recognise each school individually in the community via their uniform.

    4. It eliminates peer pressure to wear certain clothes. There are far less issue's with kids having to buy expensive clothes and have radical hair and so on.

    5. It is safer, uniforms are designed to be sun safe, and to be safe for particular activities like home ec and manual arts.

    6. It eliminates peers judging each other on what they wear and how much money they have.

  • The first concern of students should be to perform fantastically well at studies, not showing your individuality.

    As a consequence, every single factor that may prevent students from focusing on this goal should be banned, including showing your individuality. TV shows are and reality are full of examples that demonstrate how your social life take over your academic life. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

  • No they should not be forced.

    No they should not force you to wear the uniforms. First you can't be unique. Then, you might lose it. Next, it is very expensive to get a whole set for the whole school. After that, you might only be able to get them in a specific store. Last, if it itches you still have to wear it

  • It dosent give you the chance to show your individualality.

    I have to look the same as everyone else im not unique wearing a uniform. Clothing in a way express' your personality. Students want to be treated fairly not equal...Think about it. If your treated equal that means your treated the same as the person next to you. We all have are own needs and wants were all different!

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