Should students be issued school e-mail accounts?

  • Yes they should

    It makes it much easier to learn and communicate to your teachers - So why not? You can send your teachers attachments of your work. If it is not used appropriately then the email account can be suspended. It is very useful and one of the only few ways to find out key information from your teachers.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Yes, I think that students should be issued school e-mail accounts. I remember being in elementary school and even middle school and having my mom e-mail my teachers about things. I think that it would be better if students were able to do this for themselves. It would teach them to be more responsible at a younger age.

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, I believe it would be very beneficial for students to be issued school email accounts. College campuses already do this for its students, so why not expand it? Email is an essential and very effective way to communicate and students in this day and age with technology will probably find it very useful.

  • I think it'd lead to breaches of privacy.

    At first, the idea seemed like a great one to me. Why not open technological resources to students? But I don't think schools would respect student's privacy. And, yes, students do deserve privacy. If I was a high school student today and my school issued me an e-mail account, I would either use it strictly for school-related things, or not use it at all.

  • No, students should not be issued school email accounts.

    I believe that students should not be issued email accounts through the school. I do believe that every student should have an email account, but don't agree that it needs to be maintained through the school. Students have very easy access to free email accounts, through Google or Yahoo or the like, and they can take advantage of those accounts instead.

    I've found that when a school account is issued, a lot of students keep it separate from other email accounts that they already own. When they graduate, and the school closes their school email account, many students lose valuable stored information before retrieving it from the school's database.

    If students maintained email accounts outside of their school's account, there would also be no issue to worry about email forwarding after graduation.

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