Should students be made aware of their legal rights related to getting beat up?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Bullies Everywhere in Schools

    Bullies are everywhere in schools and students should be made aware of their legal rights. It is an unfortunate aspect of our society, but because there are so many awful things that can happen to students, people ought to know their rights within a school setting. That also means students need to know what to do when they get "beat up."

  • Absolutely, but there is no need.

    Everyone needs to know their rights, but when I was in school if you got beat up you just learned humility and to fight back. I've gotten into a lot of fights when I was a kid, mostly sticking up for someone else. I was a beast then. I lived in the gym...That was before internet and video games made me lazy. Lol

  • Absolutely They Should

    If a student is getting beaten up, those beating them up should absolutely face every single consequence possible. If, however, the student is instigating fights and is causing just as much trouble as anyone else, they should be held just as responsible. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

  • Make them aware of their rights

    Many students are not aware that the law does not end on school grounds. They think that all that can happen to someone who beats them up is that the school will punish them. This isn't true. The law applies everywhere. There should be assemblies where lawyers talk to the children and inform them they have this right. That would scare a lot of would-be bullies and prevent a lot of suicides and get justice for child victims of assault and battery.
    We can also inform children of their right to sue for slander in cases of gossip and rumor-mongering.

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themohawkninja says2013-12-23T21:07:12.787
They can't act on the rights, so it doesn't really matter.
MasturDbtor says2013-12-24T03:18:23.243
@ themohawkninja
Give them pamphlets they can take home to their parents.
themohawkninja says2013-12-24T03:25:28.707
Well, assuming that the parents get the pamphlets (which chances are, won't happen, since I don't recall many children ever giving their parents pamphlets when told to), all that does is inform the parents (who should be informed already).

It should be noted here, that the question doesn't specify who does the beating, so it could very well be that the parent is the one beating the child. Secondly, if it is another child in school, their are no rights that exist for the kid. It's just a case of two minors assaulting each other, which is the job of the school/parents to deal with.
MasturDbtor says2013-12-24T05:07:24.487
There are no laws on the books that I know of that say that laws applying outside of school do not apply within school and there is no reason why school should be an exception.
themohawkninja says2013-12-24T13:36:34.970
I don't know of any such laws either. I concur that their shouldn't be an exception.