Should students be off school on Veterans Day?

Asked by: Taggie16
  • I say pay respect

    Instead of e=mc^2 stuff, let us have the day off. We got Memorial day off, why not this as well? As i type these letters, there are people getting killed. You can teach us about it on another day. There are also other holidays we should have off such as good Friday. We get Easter off, why not this as well?

  • YES All THE Way

    I have many family members in the military and I would love to spend it with them. I have family that served in Vietnam, Korea, and afghan. It is very important to thank our veterans for their service to our country because freedom is not free. This is why we should get veterans day off

  • Or something in its place

    Having days off of school is an important part of the life of a school-aged child and is something to look forward to break up their routine. Veteran's day is, without being a national day off, itself a very important day, a time to honor all veterans past and present who risked their lives for us. If children need a day off, a day commemorating our veterans will, at the very least, make the children reflect however briefly.

  • Yes, students in the US should be off for Veterans Day in support of military veterans

    As a country built on the premise of patriotism and fighting for freedom, we should regard Veterans Day as one of the most revered days of the year, in deference to the struggle and sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our military over the many years. It is not the fault of the soldiers who do the fighting that some of our wars may have been waged in error, or with unseen or nefarious motivations: those who took up arms in our defense or for our causes, knowing the dangers they might face, should be respected and honored. Having a day off of school could cause children who might not normally think about Veterans Day to give pause, and perhaps reflect on what people other than themselves are going through so that they can have the life they do now. I do not think that giving students this holiday off of school would further the military industrial complex, but could bring us closer as a nation.

  • Yes. Children spend too long of a day in school and then are swamped with homework as well.

    They get so little time off to start with. Then on their little bit of time off, Teachers expect them to spend their days doing school work at home. No, They should be encouraged to enjoy their short time off. As for Veteran's Day, Children school be taught why we honor our Veterans, Especially the ones that are disabled because they chose to fight for our freedom.

  • Yeah no school

    I'm a student and I just think we should't have school but especially not on this day, my dad is a veteran and he actually really thought we did not have school on this day and actually so did I so we should not have school on this day. AT ALL!!!

  • Yeah no school

    I'm a student and I just think we should't have school but especially not on this day, my dad is a veteran and he actually really thought we did not have school on this day and actually so did I so we should not have school on this day. AT ALL!!!

  • 100% Yes No School

    Our school, while giving a very brief history on it, barely even talks about it afterwards. I am a sophomore in highschool and our school barely even touches on the fact that this is a day to honor the ones we love who gave their lives to make it so we can go to school. So instead of being forced to memorize pointless information, I think we should be allowed to go home and take a break so that we can honor those who gave up everything they had so that we can keep living our lives. No school for me.

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  • It is pointless

    Like I give a shit about veterans, you murders innocents, good for you, no reason to close down a school, school already is closed so often no need to add another pointless day to it for it to be closed have like a 1 minute silence bullshit thingy in class, then move on with your life

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  • We need to be honoring our Veterans

    I am a freshman in high school and where I live, nobody gets Veteran's Day off. At all my schools, we learned about and honored the veterans that have served. It's the right thing to do. I recently observed something on the Nickelodeon channel. They went into a commercial break, as most cartoons do. Then, they stated this message:" Enjoy your FREE day off!" It occurred to me that many children don't even know what this day means, nor do they care when they could be sitting and playing video games, or watching nickelodeon instead of honoring our Veterans!

  • No! No! No!

    Don't you think that schools already have enough days off ? They don't need another one ! So they really need a whole day off, for what ? To sit around playing video games ? And teachers wanting a day off ..That's a whole different story. I wish that my job gave us all of those days off !

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