Should students be paid to work at the end of a month 5 dollers

Asked by: ruyga
  • We should be paid

    We students should be paid five dollars at the end of the month because teacher yell at us and we have to take it. In other words we need the money for dances and stuff the school says we have to do like X dance is S.F.D.S and e.T.C the end

  • Kids would work harder

    If you gave them the money based on grades a lot of students would work harder, even for a small amount like five dollars. I mean, it wouldn't really make much of an impact on taxes since the schools waste so much money on other things. 99% of Americans wouldn't notice the 5$ change to their taxes.

  • Five dollars? Silly amount.

    So, your talking about ~$50 per school year? If you want to propose that school-age students get paid, that amount is just silly. If we are talking about college age students, it is worthless.

    I want university level students to be paid, I really do. I think the subject is serious, just not as asked.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Ridiculous. Just stupid.

    If every student were to receive the potential $50 by the end of the year, that would be a crazy amount of money. If you are saying that most taxpayers wouldn't notice five more dollars in their taxes at the end of the year that is also crazy. It is going to cost way too much to make this work. Everyone thinks that they are entitled to things for doing very little. If you get a job you can easily make $50 in a day.

  • Makes no sense

    K-12 education is provided for students for free, and school lunches are free for those in poverty. The public school system is using taxpayers' dollars to give their kids an education. Frankly, the idea that schools should pay their students money given to the schools by working adults in the community is really ignorant of the educational system. If you really need $5 a month, ask your parents. I wish that my school would pay it's students, but I know it's unrealistic and it would never happen, so I'm voting against this.

  • School is our job, but a job to get a job.

    I am a student, and I am on my own at the of 17. The $50 could help out a lot, BUT where I am from majority of the students do not strive to work hard in school like I do. If this were to happen it would be unfair and unjust throughout the school system. If the pay was based on grades then yes.

  • School isn't a job. Want money then get a job.

    Are you serious? Students obviously shouldn't be paid to go to school because number 1 school is a place where you learn basic information that everyone should know and learn how to make a living based on a career of your choice. Number 2 the school isn't your parent's/caregiver. Why would schools pay you when plenty of students don't even do above average in classes? That sounds like a huge waste of money that nobody will get back. Maybe if you did your work and followed instructions then maybe your teacher wouldn't have yelled at you. You want money? Then ask your parents or get a job

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