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  • Kids should eat in class

    I think this because kids will have more energy and wont fall asleep in class. Also, kids might not eat there lunch because there isint enough time and mabye there is something they would rather eat is later. Finnaly, kids will eat at home less because they will be fileed up.

  • Sometimes Kids Get Hungry

    Sometimes kids get hungry in class and should be allowed to snack. Not everyone has the same metabolism and if someone gets a snack attack, there is no problem if someone needs a handful of nuts to get by. Snacks are designed to tide kids over until lunch time or other meals.

  • Yes, shoulds should be permitted to eat snacks during class time.

    As long as students are not distracting other students around them from learning, I do not see why students should not be allowed to eat during class. Obviously, there should be consideration given to students with allergies and such but the goal of school should be learning, and if keeping students happy and well fed helps them learn then it should be allowed.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, i think that it will help them to be fueled up and help them learn if they can snack when they are hungry in class. If you are sitting their hungry then you are not going to be able to do as good on all of your work there.

  • It is rude.

    No, students should not be permitted to eat snack foods during class, because it is rude to the teacher and it distracts the other students. It is also distracting to the student who is eating, because they are focusing on that, rather than on the material in the class they are supposed to be learning.

  • What distracts in the class room from learning should be banned.

    No. I don't think this is a good idea. Children shouldn't eat while they are in the class room, because eating is a interrupting factor for their education. NOT just children, but who ever in any age who attends to a class for studying should be avoided from eating snacks because they won't be able to concentrate on what is being said and what needs to be done. Another words it screws up children's follow up mood, this is why eating snack should be banned in class room.

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Kennedy99 says2016-01-28T11:47:30.213
Students can link the thinking for learning new content to a career skills or objective.
lawsonpeter954 says2016-03-04T10:38:33.020
Yes Students should be allowed to snack because it helps people to learn if they chew something - the exact reason people chew pens....

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