Should students be required to do homework, even if they already understand the material?

Asked by: T_parkour
  • Yes they should.

    The people that are saying no are most probably currently in school! I was a good student but a slacker with homework but if I actually had the option to not receive it I probably would've said no which would be a bad idea! You need it there to actually make you strive to do it, even if you are already competent in a subject, every little helps and being able to choose not to would get you no where! Yeah I hated homework but it was never that much of a burden in reality, kids are just naive to put it plainly! Like I said before, most of the comments on the No side sound immature and back no real reasons for why apart from it being 'a waste of time'. The girl that got the highest maths grade in my class received more homework than anyone else because she ASKED for more in order to achieve her maximum potential.

  • Recommended exercises for studying instead of homework

    They should recommend exercises to help students study but studying should be up to the student. Early on many will forgo studying but they will quickly learn how important it is when they get their tests back those first couple of times. The important thing is whether or not the student understands the material being taught. That is what the grade should be on. I had a logic and critical thinking professor in college. There was homework but he said that if you got a higher grade on the test at the end of class than you did on your homework then that would be your grade instead, but that no student had ever achieved that. And then I did. I was going to have a B- but I got an A because of how I did on the test.

    Ultimately what's important is whether or not a student understands the material at the end of the class. Everything up until that point should be preparation.

  • It's simply pointless.

    If a student already comprehends the material, that student will not be motivated to do the homework. Instead, the student feels as though it wastes their personal time. Wasting time doing something you can already do pretty well is tedious and pointless. It's like knowing the Alphabet fantastically and being forced to recite it over and over. You wouldn't be very enthusiastic about it.

  • Homework is pointless to some students.

    Yes, I understand that some students need extra practice such as homework in order to understand the concept being taught, but it is unnecessary and pointless for others. For example, if a student clearly understands plate tectonics in science class and can show it in their own way, they shouldn't need "extra practice." It's just busy work for them, and they won't do it.

  • It can end up hurting a student.

    I really don't think older students should have to complete their HW if they understand the topic, and I have experienced firsthand how this can hurt the student. In elementary and middle schools, HW should not be optional because the students would never do it. It takes maturity to realize that HW actually helps you understand the subject and is not just an evil waste of time. In high schools, students are mature enough to make themselves do HW even if it is not required, so it would not hurt the students to have the option not to do it.

    In my sophomore year of high school, I had a terrible chemistry teacher for my first semester. I didn't understand anything at all, and neither did any of the other students, but I got an A in his class. During my second semester, I had a fantastic teacher, but he gave a lot of homework. I understood everything perfectly, so I stopped doing the homework completely because it was too much. The result was a B in the class, and the teacher lost his trust in me (he used to like me because I worked hard to make up for my cluelessness during the first semester). Obviously, homework can hurt more than help in some situations, so it should be optional.

  • Its a waste of time.

    Using time the students could use to be with their friends and family, on something they already know, seems ludicrous as a consent.

    Yes we need proof that they know the stuff, but that can be done by the teachers, or the occupational class test of something.

    When the only real reason is "just because", there is no reason.

  • Homework should be optional

    There's no reason to make it forced on students who easily understand the material. It's a waste of time for students whom already understand the topic. Of course, it is useful for students who are struggling in class but for people who don't need it, than why force something not needed?

    Some material simply does not need to be re-learned by wasting time and paper on homework.

  • Studying is there for a reason.

    The whole point of class is to teach students the material, and test them on it later. If a student himself specifically wants a packet to study with on a test, he has all the more power to do it. Homework is just time-consuming for people who understand the material, and in college especially, often keeps people up at night, making them tired for class, making them tired to do homework that night, etc.

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