Should students be required to take a physical education course?

  • It has no application in real life. P.E. also wastes precious time.

    Honestly, its ridiculous to to say P.E. Accomplishes anything. I mean seriously school is a beautiful thing and we have the opportunity to learn about so many amazing things like apartheid, police brutality, survival skills, instead we have a class on gym, learning how to hit different sized balls with assorted sticks. As far as obesity, kids that go into gym overweight don't leave any different, the only way to lose weight is to commit yourself not be forced into a class where you do nothing because you don't want too.

    Posted by: TJL
  • P.E is good

    Physical education is good for a students physically, mentally and socially. It prevents laziness in class because the brain works better.

    It reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many other diseases. It also promotes bone and muscle growth.

    It promotes healthy social interactions as children learn to cooperate through group activities.

  • Students should absolutely be required to take P.E.

    Students should understand that not taking proper care of their body can and will result in an unhealthy life and life style that could follow them for the rest of their lives. Schools all across the nation are full of obese children. The parents should be informed on their children's physical health just as well as their academic stance.

  • I think children who are obese should have to take 2 classes

    I think children who are clinically overweight should have to take 2 classes and children at a healthy weight should just take one PE class and get an extra recess as a reward for making smart choices. This gives an incentive for positive choices outside of a school setting. Ie less video games more playing outside at home

  • What is really important?

    Physical education should be mandatory throughout high school including grade 11 and 12. We define Physical education as an educational course taken during primary and secondary education that encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health and compulsory defined is required by rules or law. Extensive research has shown over and over again that physical activity is beneficial not only for physical health, but also mental health such as social anxiety, and stress relief. We are having an epidemic in Canada, according to stats Canada health concerns are on the rise, most notable obesity. Physical education is the place where everyone gets an opportunity to be active! Some could argue that even students who chose not to take grade 11/12 physical education get the activity otherwise. That we should keep it optional to allow students to take other classes and learn a sense of responsibility. This could not be the case, what about the student who takes care of their brothers or sisters after school, or the ones who have jobs. Research shows that bone growth requires physical activity... For most grade 11 and 12 students bones are still growing. We talk about giving students responsibility. We do not teach them these negative affects to not taking physical education classes until post secondary. We are the ones who need to take responsibility for our children’s health and make physical education a compulsory class throughout high school. The goal of physical education is life-long learning in physical activity; by making physical education an option in high school we make it an option in real life. I will leave you with this point... No math, science, or core curriculum subjects will save you when you’re on your death bed.

  • They really should

    Yes, they should.

    Because America is the fattest country and people wonder why. It's because kids don't get enough of a work out at home and they don't do anything besides eat chips and sit there so they should have to do something at school! It should be a mandatory class for kids! That is my opinion.

  • Of course they should

    PE is not only about playing sport but develops many other factors that most do not think of. For instance how many other subjects are there that encourage teamwork, developing social skills, encouraging people to work with people outside of their peer groups. One could say simulating that of the working world. It maintains motor development, promoting health a fitness for a long life health and & lifestyle choice. I could right a 5000 word essay of why PE should be in the curriculum but for the sake of time I will leave it at these few points

  • What is MORE important than your overall health?

    Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally leads to overall wellness. Suggesting that you can opt out of PE if you play a sport makes physical education a "punishment" if you don't make the team. It is your choice to play sports, but that doesn't excuse you from a state requirement. If so, why not allow Mathletes to opt out of math class or kids who travel to a foreign country to opt out of taking a foreign language? Kids should be commended on their dedication to play a sport, but exposure to various team, lifetime, fitness, and individual activities may spark an interest that may keep them active in the future. While there may be some PE programs that just "roll out the ball" there are MANY more programs that offer fantastic options both competitive and non-competitive including dance, weight training, exercise physiology, team games, adventure activities, tennis, golf, yoga, pilates, and rock climbing. In addition, saying that "only overweight kids should have to take PE" is ridiculous. Would we set up a screening committee to determine who is overweight enough to be forced into a PE class? Lawsuit anyone?

  • Some parents do not teach their children health and fitness routines

    Not every student comes from a home that follows health and fitness routines. If schools did not require mandatory physical education classes at school, those students who are not taught about these things would be more likely to get obese and unhealthy. Schools help teach these students how to take care of themselves now and in the long run.

  • Kids should have p.e. every day.

    Kids should have p.e. every day for at least 1 hour. Kids don't get enough daily exercise. I usually find kinds on a TV screen or stuck inside doing homework. Homework is good for children and to the mind of them, but they need to be outside a good time of the day. Kids will suffer before adults because they don't have healthy bodies. Please help your child today or any day and take my advice.

  • No, due to embarrassment in school and low self-esteem.

    Some kids may not run as fast as other kids or might not be as strong, and they may become embarrassed. If obese children know they are obese, they should already be signing up for P.E., but kids who are embarrassed will feel like they were different from the fast kids. That separation may lead to not enough self-confidence and eating more.

  • It should be a choice for the student to decide to either take or not take a PE class.

    Kids sometimes need a helping hand in a few classes, so they should be able to take a study hall where they can get help and not waste a period. Kids that want to take a class or need to take a different class should be able to do so in place of their PE class. However, health class for one semester should be mandatory because it is important to learn about bodily health.

  • This is not for the real world.

    After watching my daughter work through her first two years of university, I realized that there is a great deal of waste in the university system in the United States. As an art major with a minor in Psychology, she has been required to take two physical education courses, three history courses, a math course, and a few other "gen ed" courses. These "required" courses have taken nearly two thirds of the two years and the courses that she will actually use in her life once she graduates have been minimal. My personal belief is that American universities and colleges could graduate their students in three years instead of four simply by removing the majority of the "gen ed" courses and allowing the students to concentrate on their major area/s of study. My second personal opinion is that these "gen ed" courses are only required so that class rooms are filled and courses are attended in order to keep professors busy throughout their years. Let's get rid of these requirements and let our college students actually focus on their majors and we will have a better educated, more productive work force!

  • Embarassment

    I do not agree that student should be required because of other students' that bully. Students shouldn't have to go through the embarrassment of physical education. It is wrong for someone that is physically fit, against someone who is not physically fit. Students' nowadays are just so rude to each other and they have no respect for each other and that is what sometimes sets them off.

  • No some kids don't need it.

    I think that the obese children need to take physical education to get in shape. But honestly? I do my workouts at home, and as long as these can be verified by a parent, I see no reason why P.E. Should be enforced. I am extremely socially anxious, and from nerves alone, performing in any way ties my stomach up so tight I throw up. Also, I am physically fit, but as a woman, there are several exercises that are near impossible for me - such as pull ups. So, to recap: I think physical activity should be mandatory, but not at school, and not with sports. I grew to loathe sports this way.

  • While a physical education course is essential for young children, it is useless for high school athletes.

    PE allows students (around elementary school aged) to experience different sports and provides them with the opportunity to get excess energy out. They find a sport they enjoy and wish to pursue outside of school. PE also does often teach important ideas on the topic of teamwork, attitude, and the importance of hard work.
    However, student athletes who can prove that they are serious about a sport should not be required to take a physical education course. Especially in high school, students are stressed enough. They do not need another class to take up time they could be using to complete other schoolwork.

  • Students who already do sports have no need for PE as a class.

    To an athlete who exercises regularly, a PE class does not provide much real exercise at all. Students who do sports outside of school are also pressed for time and can better utilize their time by doing schoolwork or anything else they need to do instead of taking a useless PE course. However, students who do not do sports outside of school should take a PE course to get some exercise and maybe even find a sport they enjoy. While PE should not be a requirement for athletes, students that do not exercise regularly should be required to take a physical education course.

  • No gym

    Students should not be required to take physical education in schools. There are a number of students who are embarrassed about their bodies, not athletic and not interested in sports. Too many children are traumatized by having to participate in sports they are not good at. Emphasis on health and physical well being should come from health classes and parents. More time could be allotted in schools for math and science if the gym requirement was removed.

  • Not every student's body is able to stand the pressure.

    I have some of my friends with incurable diseases. My friend Timothy, is a hemophilia victim, and if he got hurt, the bleeding won't stop. The bleeding occurs for so long that he can lose a lot of blood, and, of course it's dangerous. Let's say his friend asks him to play football. Everybody knows football is a dangerous sport. If he gets hurt, now how can the inexperienced kids help? This should be thought and reviewed intensely as not to be harmful to the disabled ones.

    Posted by: NSP
  • Students shouldn't be required to take a physical education course because it is not effective.

    Poe is a waste of time. It isn't effective. Just because you make kids do minimum exercise for about an hour doesn't mean they'll have a healthy lifestyle. That time could be better spent on other school subjects that will actually matter in college or in your future career. Students should be able to choose of they want to do PE or not. Why force them to take a class that they have absolutely no interest in?

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Anonymous says2013-03-06T14:28:30.370
you get more healthier in the end
Quan says2013-08-23T18:00:32.643
Perhaps in high school, where well roundedness should be encouraged. But physical education and other general education requirements should be eliminated from colleges. I would be in a much better position today if I had been able to graduate 1.5 years earlier with 30k less debt.
flickmad46 says2015-05-13T12:39:14.167
They should not cause some kids are special needs and caan get hurt so not every student should be reqired for pe