Should students be required to take a social etiquette during high school?

Asked by: drewbeussink
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  • This would be comformity

    If we had to take social etiquette classe in high school, which social behavior would be taught. Within thhe US there are a whole lot of different social and cultural behaviors and attidtudes. People have a right to act as they want, and just because someone may act differently, doesnt mean that you should make them conform. Thats called communism I believe...

  • It would take time away from other things which would be more worthy of requiring

    Not that such a class wouldn't be useful, but it shouldn't just be our social etiquette it should be teaching social etiquette from a social sciences perspective and include studying the social etiquettes of other cultures and other times and discussing how it changes and what motivates changes in social etiquette.

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