• Could Be Beneficial

    First, guns aren't for everybody. I acknowledge this and completely agree. If you choose not to own or operate a gun, then I fully respect your right to that opinion. That being said, I think that the biggest problem with guns is that children have an overwhelming lack of knowledge about them. That is why I also believe that so many young people are injured or injure others with guns.
    I firmly believe that children should be exposed to the concepts of guns, especially when society shoves it in their face daily. If you were to have a required class at some point in your childhood/early teen years which teaches you about the consequences and responsibilities of guns.
    Now, please understand, I am not arguing that children should be required to use guns or anything like that. I'm saying that there's a point in teaching students about the dangers of guns, just like with sex ed, or D.A.R.E. We require that our children be taught safety in sex, drugs, and alcohol, when those are all dangerous topics to expose children to. Why shouldn't we exercise the same type of preventative teaching with firearm dangers?

  • Students Shouldn't Be Required to Take a Gun Class.

    I think students shouldn't have to take gun classes because it's dangerous to use guns. Guns can hurt and kill people. Guns can hurt and kill animals and they also can damage buildings. School would be safer. Kids and animals will be safer. That's why students don't need to take gun classes.

  • yes and no

    I believe if a student WANTS to take a gun saftey class absolutly, they should have the choice to do so. On the same token you can`t require students to take a gun class if they don`t want to. Plus schools are not the place to teach a student how to use a firearm, but should be alowed to give saftey classes.

  • Absolutely Not!

    Students should not be allowed to take firearm classes due to the mental and emotional instabilities of a teenager. People of an age between first and senior year cannot really be trusted with firearms or any potentially deadly items. Stick to regular classes, and if someone wants to use a gun, have them know that they have to wait until adulthood. This is simply my opinion.

  • No. Very Dangerous.

    Students should absolutely not be required to take gun classes. First of all, many families are morally against gun use - if students were required to take gun classes it would then violate the parent's right to instill what they believe is moral in their children. Furthermore, in light of recent shootings, we do not want potentially unstable children to be comfortable and skilled at handling a firearm.

  • Absolutely not

    No that is a foolish and rather dangerous question to ask. Guns and students in classes should not be in the same sentence. What would be the purpose of students to take guns to classes? That would be the most terrifying school you could imagine. Just imagine it. "A kid going to class with his gun right before turning off his Call of Duty video game". Most kids and also adults can sometimes not distinguish real world with that of a video game fantasy.

  • Guns Aren't For Everyone

    Some students may feel uncomfortable if they have to take gun classes. Guns are weapons and, as such, they are inherently violent items. We should not force our children to use violent weapons if they choose not to. I do think that people that want to own guns should be forced to take gun classes though.

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