• Yes, parenting classes should be mandatory.

    Yes, I believe all high school students should be required to take parenting classes no later than their sophomore year. The idea of having a cute, cuddly baby is one thing, but once the terrible twos hit, the cute, cuddly baby becomes a handful and it will take parenting skills to get through safely.

  • Parenting classes can be very helpful

    Parenting classes can be helpful to any student who is about to conceive a child. Being a parent is not easy for anyone and if not taken seriously could ruin a family overall. It takes dedication and experience to raise a child the right way and classes can certainly help with that.

  • yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would help kids out a lot if they took a parenting class so that they know what to do when they do have a child. This would help a lot with kids not having any idea how to take care of a child after they have it.

  • No, although child development classe are fine.

    This type of class sounds as if it would actually be promoting children to have kids, and I don't really see why that would be a good idea. That being said, a class like child development can be useful for students who want to learn more about childcare, such as for babysitting purposes, caring for younger siblings, and the like. This type of class could also help prepare them for the future. But I don't think a class they're required to take in order to become parents sounds very wise.

  • Not All Students Are Parents

    I do not believe this question applies to the large majority of students. I believe most students take the proper steps to ensure that they will not have children while studying because doing so makes the task of graduating much more difficult. Therefore not all students are looking to become parents immediately. Secondly, I think this question assumes that public schools should somehow be equipped to turn young people into proper parents, which is pretty far from the truth. Children don't come with manuals and I don't think a lot of good parenting traits can be learned prior to being a parent and experiencing it first hand.

  • It makes teenagers want kids

    I think it is good and bad. It help a you become a good parent.It.Can be make teenagers want to have sex and have kids. So it is kinda both good and bad. You should pick what you want to do with your life. It is your choose and your life.

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