• I think students should be required to wear school uniforms.

    Requiring school uniforms would be a wise decision in today's society. You don'y have to worry about dress code, inappropriate dress as in different school representation, and etc. This would eliminate a bunch of factors for the students and the school itself, like waking up and worrying what your going to wear everyday.

  • School = Unifroms

    I deem that school uniforms should be required to wear, because the meticulous uniform is what maintains a degree of equality among students. Any reserved child in a school, would never experience a discriminatory predicament once he/she reaches school in the brand new uniform. Also, when we are nostalgic about our precious school days, the illusion of us in uniforms drag us to the memory lane.

  • Necessity of uniform

    It is very necessary to have a uniformity in any of public sectors as it removes the discrimination. As everybody doesn't have immense money to spend on accessories and wardrobe. So as to maintain the equity in the working arena ,it is necessary to have a common look for all. According to me there is a common dress in all service sector.

  • Students Should Wear Uniforms

    Uniforms make it easier to get ready for school in the morning. Children do not have to spend a lot of time making decisions about their clothing, because the guidelines are basic and strict. In the classroom, uniforms create a more neutral environment and an environment that comes off as more professional.

  • Yes,students should be required to wear uniforms.

    Yes,students should be required to wear uniforms.Uniforms work to make a more equal environment for all the students so they can worry more about studying and less about fashion.It also allows parents to save money over buying a whole new wardrobe or having to try to impress other parents or students.

  • Uniforms place students on a flat playing field

    Yes. I think that students should be required to wear uniforms. On a physical appearance it gives every student an even start on the playing field. There is nothing to pick at student, that is, on their clothes. Name brand items are no longer and issue and bullies are forced to find reasons other than clothes to target a victim.

  • Yes! We Must!

    We should wear school uniform In Any type of school. Even if the school is public or not. School uniforms don't waste any time in the morning to wait for you to dress up. You can wake up a little late because your clothing are already ready for you. Thanks!

  • I hate them

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  • Public Schools Have Dress Codes, Not Uniforms

    Public schools should have dress codes but not uniforms. They are expensive and parents in public schools shouldn't have to pay for uniforms unless they are simple polo shirts. Uniforms do cut down on bullying, but they can be expensive for five sets of them. Uniforms cut down on individuality in schools as students should be allowed to express themselves.

  • No, students should not be required to wear uniforms.

    I believe that students should not be required to wear uniforms. When students wear uniforms everyone looks the same. There is no individuality. Students cannot express themselves in what they wear or how they are feeling. There is no sense of fashion or dressing nicely. It would be a very boring school if everyone looked the same!

  • Students Should Not Be Required to Wear Uniforms

    I do not believe that public school students should be required to wear uniforms. It limits students' abilities to creatively express themselves through their appearance which often helps them learn who they really are. Additionally, while many argue that uniforms will reduce bullying, especially for poor children, that may not be the case. Many poor families may only be able to afford one uniform and may not be able to wash it everyday. Their child may outgrow it and they may not have money to buy a new one.

  • School uniforms would not help with bullying

    Something that pro-school uniformers like to point out is that having school uniforms would eliminate bullying. But why go through the trouble of getting everyone to wear the same thing and further in the decay of youths' creativity and freedom of expression when, maybe, just maybe, parents can teach their children not to bully?

  • There is simply no reason to wear a uniform

    Why should students wear a uniform?

    - Equality
    Really? How exactly does wearing a uniform maintain/guarantee equality?

    - Worrying about what clothes to wear
    That is up to every family to sort out. It would be very patronising of the school to implement a uniform using the above reason. Besides, it would make more sense to make a range of acceptable clothes rather than a single piece of acceptable clothes. And the dress code is totally irrelevant to the above question. Why do we need a dress code?

    I am sure most students don't know why they wear a uniform beyond the "because my teacher told me to" and I think this fosters blind obedience which I think is not desirable at all in a society which strives to produce critical thinkers.

    Since there is no reason to wear a uniform, I don't think students should be required to wear one.

  • British weather is horrendus

    I would rather go to school with my tights on and two pairs of joggers, with my trainers and huge jacket. However, we are not allowed to wear joggers and only nylon trousers, which I must say are very thin! Secondly, uniform is quick and easy, but the rules are strict, they should allow certain clothes for winter. Not just a jacket which we must take of! In, addition the sweaters are highly price,£15 and a polo shirt £13. Most of the children that go our school are not rich as they are from St. Marks, Highfields etc.

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