Should students be required to wear uniforms in school?

  • School Uniforms A Good Thing

    School uniforms should definitely be required. It takes a lot of pressure off kids, especially at the high school level, in having to compete or have the latest, coolest fashions. Also, it saves parents money and takes a lot of the stress out of preparing for a new school year.

  • School uniforms are a good way to establish order.

    School uniforms are a good way to establish order by removing certain variable that prove to be student distractions, such as the spectacle that individual expression of style can sometimes be. They also remove socio-economic indicators that may affect student interaction. By taming these two key detractors from to an educational environment, students focus more on learning.

  • No they don't

    Wearing uniforms will make us lose our taste for freedom so we need to make our own responsible choices around the world so we can give our mom and dad the chance to not to spend any money so let's band together and wipe school uniforms away from earth forever

  • No They don't

    No because if you wear required clothes you lost your freedom. We should make our own choices.So let us band together to ban school uniforms forever no matter what we must face no matter the problem we will find a way. Now who is with me Don't click yes anymore

  • Students shouldn't have to wear uniforms.

    Students should be aloud to wear whatever they want because that shows their style and they would be comfortable on what they wear. The uniform makes students uncomfortable and it doesn't show their personality and creativity. Parents spend way to much money for uniforms when students could just wear regular clothes. Also sometimes they dont have the right size for a student.

  • Students should not be required to wear uniforms in school.

    I understand the appeal of uniforms for school administrators and parents, and on the surface their arguments appear valid. However, for many students being forced to wear uniforms causes them discomfort and makes them a target for bullying, which is the exact opposite of what those who support uniforms are trying to achieve. For students who are overweight or underweight, taller or shorter than average, or have any aspect of their physical appearance that deviates from the desired size and shape, a uniform makes them stick out like a sore thumb. The uniform robs the student of the choice to dress in a manner that makes them look thinner or heavier, taller or shorter. The ability to look their best and feel comfortable is removed, making life much more difficult for the student who does not have an ideal body shape.

  • No, school students should not have to wear uniforms.

    No, wearing uniforms should not be required at schools. Uniforms inhibit individuality and creativity, two of the most important qualities children need in the outside world. It is important that children be allowed to choose what to wear as an expression of their unique personalities. The regimentation and conformity of uniforms stifles freedom of expression. Those who make the most difference in the world are those who can think for themselves.

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