• All kids should be searched

    If another school shooting happened, People would complain about how there is not a lot of security. People shouldn't be on their phones in class so they should be searched. . . If there were no searches people could die from someone having a bomb in their bag, Etc. . . Kids always complain about how their phones shouldn't be searched but then don't be on it during class people. . . Common sense. .

  • Get rid of contraband

    A student is on government property and has to follow the rules. Only those with something to hide will try to resist a search, and those are the ones who need to be searched

    There are hundreds and hundreds of students there, so the safety of the majority should be in the best interest. ALWAYS

  • Yes, it will cut down student crime, but not all.

    I say yes, as I have seen in the news about an incident in the UK about a teacher being killed by a student. I find it disgusting that this could spread outwards. Freedom is abused, and if we are to allow students to carry weapons around crazily, it is too much.

    This could solve the problem as a short-term solution; however they could still slip it via the fence.

  • No, that is too intrusive.

    No, students should not be searched at school, because they still have a right to privacy of their person. Students do not often have a choice whether to attend public school, and students should not have to have their person invaded without a good reason in order to attend school. Students should not feel like they are going to jail when they arrive at school.

  • Its just wrong

    Students at school have their own privacy rights. Never, unless they are absolutely sure, should they even think about invading a students space. The Fourth Amendment protects us from "unreasonable searches and seizures". Searching a pupils things should count as one of those. Don't even get me started on the sick teachers that search peoples phones.

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