Should students be taught about ancient history anymore, is it important?

Asked by: nathanabbey
  • Yes it should

    I believe it is an integral factor to understanding the modern society. People need to learn and understand the origins of everything we know today. Great people like Alexander the great, Julius Caesar or even Sparticus the thracian rebel, all impact the modern day and how we have what we have.
    To learn and understand how these influential characters changed the world into what it is , should be a vital part of the curriculum. It is enjoyable, intellectual and can easily spark up topics for debates. Leading to the improvement of many life skills which people of the modern age seem to lack and take for granted.

  • No it shouldn't

    Students should not be learning about history they should be making history. We should teach kids about our political system and how they can make history.

    Honestly, it isn't useful to know about ancient wars and historical figures.

    If you think we can learn lessons from history, your wrong. We can learn lessons from ourselves

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