• Nno the should not

    It is just a waste of time beacause students aldready have a lot of school curriculam and other activities and this will just burden them more and spoil the whole point of life to hce fun they will not be able to cope up with the need and want of the world.

  • Must be compulsory

    Of course because it will also help students to rebuttal and also prepare themselves for conferences, interviews for colleges and jobs and other such debates.If someone knows how to rebuttal properly and ask questions accordingly, then you can also get out of tight spots in an important debate or interview.

  • Yes, these are sorely needed.

    The world as we can see from the news is in desperate need of better conflict resolution skills, and these must start with the individual person and small groups. So it would indeed be wonderful if all young people could learn such skills as part of their normal school curriculum.

  • Yes they should.

    Students should be taught conflict resolution skills because it will help deter a lot of the drama and issues they face through out school. Especially when students get to high school, teenagers are all emotional and need to know a safe, good way to express their feelings, that won't offend others and help resolve the conflict.

  • Yes, they should

    I do think that students should be taught conflict resolution skills. It would give them good character development, and really, it teaches us how to foster a more peaceful and easy going world. In being taught these skils, you also learn how to behave yourself and are able to stop yourself from making mistakes.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe students should be taught conflict resolution skills. This type of skill can be used throughout life and it should be part of education. I think it is important to teach young people skills that they can utilize in the real world and I think the education system over looks some of these important skills.

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