Should students be taught household keeping at school

  • It's more useful than trig.

    There are so many useless thing taught in schools, You might as well teach kids to clean. It may not be very educational seeming, But it will come in handy more than geometry, Chemistry, Or ancient history ever will. Having a clean house is nice. I'd rather be able to clean my house than be able to do advanced math that has zero real life application.

  • Household is important

    They should because when they grow up they will be through some struggles if they don't know how to keep their house properly cleaned and someday their house will stink. It is vital and important to keep your house balanced. To my opinion that all people need to know how to keep their house in a proper manner without that people will never understand how to keep there house clean and safe for children and others

  • Basic life skills are more important.

    Considering the ridiculous classes that are offered like philosophy, Film analysis, Sociology, Basically any humanities class is less valuable than learning to work a broom or do laundry. As someone who works with youth, Half of them have no idea how to fold laundry or work a dishwasher. They are useful skills that help them become independent.

  • Teach us how to pay taxes while you're at it.

    Our generation is filled with weak-willed, Bumbling idiots that can barely dress themselves and work a microwave. Our current educational system makes no effort in teaching us how to function in the real world. Give me one reason to believe that spending years being forced to learn advanced math was worth it. Let us learn what we want to learn, And only require for us what we actually need to live on our own!

  • Students should not be taught household keeping at school!

    It is absurd! Why should students be taught household keeping at school? Are they going to school to get an education or to become housewives and servants in the future? When students are taught housekeeping in school, Isn't it going to make the ancillary staff and cook job easier? Why are the ancillary staff and cook getting paid for? To sit and watch students do their work?

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