Should students be taught how to do taxes, raise a family, and other adult things in school,instead of stuff like bending light?

Asked by: tcheaberlin
  • Learning how to be an adult is a NECESSITY

    School prepares you for the adult world. What good is knowing how to bend light if you don't know how to raise children, pay taxes, and make smart decisions? Sure, you need to teach children how to make discoveries and know about our world and all of that but they need to be ready to be an adult.

  • Absolutely. There are things you don't need from school.

    I am 24. I don't know how to do my taxes or how to fill out a lot of legal forms.

    If these were taught in high school I would be so happy. Am I using anything I learned in "music history". No. Or how about that presidential fitness test? No.

    Do I need to do taxes every year? Yes. And some one is making money off of my lack of knowledge.

    I can tell so a lot about Boy George though. Helpful

  • It is more important so do it

    Instead of things they would have to do in life, like taxes and raise a family, students learn irrelevant stuff like how to bend light and the molecules of water. That's why so many people have trouble with taxes, they were never properly taught how. Why do we need to know how to bend light?

  • Yes. It is important. Everyone should be taught.

    Everyone should be taught how to do taxes. If its a thing we need to do in the future, Why shouldn't we be taught how to do them? It's frustrating because we learn about things we don't necessarily use in the future and its pointless when we could be learning about taxes which are important and we will need the knowledge for. It's frustrating to be honest.

  • I am a 7th grader

    We should learn how to do taxes or about different diseases that could hurt our future family’s. We also don’t need honor classes for social studies or language arts. I mean do any of the people in the world hire you if you ‘now how to read old plays by Shakespeare.

  • Yes,Yes, and Yes, we need to learn useful material.

    In school all we learn is useless stuff we are never going to use but they never teach us the useful things in life. I want to be a video game programmer and designer but we never learn any of that. They also never teach us taxes or anything that we might actually be useful to us. They could at least make it an optional class but they don’t even have that.

  • We should teach both, equally.

    Strong households and families are the building blocks of our society. We need to know what life is like "in the real world". We can teach kids math and science to help us advance, but they should be taught in real-world situations. Worksheets about bending light or trigonometry isn't going to much help if you are a stay-at-home mom or work in construction, management, sales, and many other jobs. We should focus on teaching kids math, science, and English as well as how to be responsible family members and how to live life outside of school.

  • NO. NO No.

    Fvcked up households, bad parenting, bad financial management are all signs of a genius. America needs more geniuses! Add more sciences to raise geniuses. You can't be a good daddy and a husband and be a genius at the same time. God does not allow such perfection in a single person.

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  • No, Hard Sciences Are More Important.

    You don't have to know how to bend light, but you have to be exposed to this scientific theory, so that you are given an opportunity to pursue it as a possible career field. If the only thing we learned in school was how to survive and raise a family, then we would see a tremendous and crippling drop in advanced sciences & mathematics. Everybody pays taxes and most people have families, so these are skills that can easily be attained outside of school. How many people have access to a well equipped science lab outside of school?

  • These things can be learned in less than an hour with Google. There's no need to waste a semester of school on it.

    Some of these things are still taught in school, In classes like life skills and home economics. Those seem to be electives in most places, But they exist. You're also taught the concept of taxes in classes like government and economics, But the specifics are left out because most people will never deal with anything besides a 1040ez, And maybe a 1066 if they're lucky. If you really want to know how to fill out a 1040EZ and a 1066 form, You can just read the instructions. If you've ever filled out your own, You'll see that it just takes basic reading and math skills to fill it out. Honestly, What I hear when somebody says "they should teachers taxes in schools, " is "I'm too lazy to figure out how to fill out a form. "

  • There is a time and place for learning all required skills

    K-12 school system is intended for basic knowledge. I don't mean basic skills, basic knowledge. It is an introduction to higher learning. Taxes, raising a family, and "other adult things" are the responsibility of parents or legal guardians. An individual's financial potential tends to more closely resemble his/her parents than classmates. If you are a child who believes you need to learn taxes, bills, etc... Ask your parents! Ask them to teach you! And if you are an adult who believes the same, then teach your children! When it is time to pay bills and settle your taxes, sit them down next to you and explain it to them

  • The Government should stay out of the home...

    There needs to be some parent accountability in preparing children for raising their own families. If we leave these kinds of things solely up to State and Federal governments, what we know today as a "family" will soon dissolve. There already exists too much of a push for teachers to be the ones teaching ethics, morals, and values to students. While teachers should absolutely support these values, they should not be the ones introducing them to the kids for the first time. Teachers don't teach you how to bend light because you WILL need it in your life, instead they try to teach you a variety of skills and knowledge that you CAN CHOOSE to use in your life. Education is supposed to open doors for you, your parents should be more responsible for teaching you the "life skills" you will absolutely need to know.

  • The better choice between taxes and science is obvious.

    It is a misconception that the sciences only contain 'irrelevant' information that no one has use for. The sciences not only encourage students to be curious about the world they live in, but it also promotes logical and critical thinking. The basis of science is to observe evidence, experiment and form conclusions. Without this education, far too many people would rely on what has already been 'confirmed' without evidence. And not think for themselves.

    The sciences take time and dedication to learn. Taxes, on the other hand, take a significantly shorter time to learn. Someone who has studied Maths should already be able to calculate their taxes based on the information provided by their government.

    Posted by: IvyN
  • This is a false dichotomy

    Students need to be taught both. Learning about science is important. People should know how the world around them works, and some students may come to advance science in the future, and if we don't teach it to them they may never.

    Learning how to do taxes should be taught though. As for raising a family perhaps as an elective, but while everyone pays taxes raising a family is optional so it shouldn't be a requirement.

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