Should students be taught how to use guns as part of their education?

  • Kids should be taught how to use guns

    They should it wouldn't be a waste of a class it would help everyone they would learn how to keep them put away in cases so the only person that would be able to access them would be the one that would know the code to the lock that you would get with your gun when you bye one

  • YES, But only for ROTC!

    I believe that educating our kids about firearms would really remove the stigmas and misconceptions about guns. Thorough knowledge on function, history, and laws is also much needed in our educational systems.
    Actually teaching the use of firearms could be started in 9th grade ONLY for ROTC students. Many naval ROTC programs already have target shooting. The students in the programs would be under heavy supervision and would practice with parents permission.

  • Defense is key

    Every American child should be taught the basics of how to operate a firearm against any potential threat that arrives to them personally, or a national scale. ALL criminals would be much more cautious in committing crimes anywhere, at any time. If everyone can shoot, then everyone is on an equal playing field as far as defending themselves, their household, and their country.

  • Mass Shooting only occur in Gun Free Zones

    Over 90% of all mass shootings occur in locations that are gun-free.

    A mass shooter would be extremely hesitant invading a school with teachers and students had both access to weaponry and knowledge to use it.

    Eighth grade would be a good place to start.

    Also, let's give our unemployed veterans a job in our local schools protecting them.

  • Kids Could Be Safer With Guns!

    Yes, I think kids should Be able to take gun classes because then people will not do bad things with guns. If kids take gun classes, they will know what to do with guns. If kids do not take gun classes and they find a gun, they could end up killing some one.

  • They Should Not

    Students should not be taught how to use guns. That would be a bad thing in my opinion and a waste of a class. We need less guns in schools, not more. If there are gun classes it will encourage students to start using guns, which is a very bad thing.

  • Guns are bad.

    It is an indisputable truth that guns are responsible for many murders. Why would we want to teach our children how to be murderers. They are already, apparently, incessant bullies and rapists. How will all the obedient children from Asia react to our beasts of progeny if we let them devolve too far? No, we must draw a line in the pixiedust.

  • No Way. Period

    If students are put faced to face with a gun, then the people who decide to do school shootings, will have a much easier opportunity to find guns to use. Guns are not toys, and they should not be in the reach of any child or teen who can use them and harm people as a result.

  • Thanks, but no thanks...

    It would be rather neat. However I have to say no. Mainly because of all recent school shootings. As far as I can tell, there are three factors that lead to these terrible casualties. 1. The guns. 2. The video game violence. 3. School bullying.
    And since school bullying hasn't really changed, well, lets just say, no way. Kids who may have been bullied before, might get revenge and use the new knowledge and go against the school and their tormentors.

  • Though I am in favor of guns... No.

    I am in full support of the Second Amendment, and for well-trained people carrying and using firearms for their self-defense and enjoyment. However, guns should not be a mandatory practice. Only the people who respect guns and actually wish to know how to use them will ever use them well. Making something mandatory often makes people not give a dang whether or not it affects them. The last thing we need is youth thinking that guns are toys, or just objects. We also don't need something that won't be effective, and this applies to everything. Not just guns.

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