• Yes because holidays are fun

    They are fun because you can have somthing to look foward to and to have fun doing yes indeed that is why we should have holidays indeed we should most definetly do this indeed we should definitely do this because it makes more sense then not doing it yay do it.

  • Yessssssss yes we should

    We need schools to give us breaks for school please my school shut it down this is our last year with holidays. I am very sad because I created memories with these holidays but they think that it is not inclusive enough because of kwanza and Hanukka so I am very sad

  • It's for fun.

    Children will want to get presents from classmates and their teachers. This makes them happier if they get presents. They get the things for more as they only need to give one present and they get presents from all their friends and teachers. They get more than they give to others

  • Yes they should.

    Kids should have schools off because it is important to respect religious holidays for other people. Some people may think that it takes away there learning and there grades will go down but if their grades go down then when the break starts just watch a bunch of videos about the topic you are failing on. And it is also important to take a break for a while from school.

  • Yes my fellers

    Yes cuz we need a break from school and since it's a special day we need to not be dragged in for another day of school and i like christmas break at christmas time and thanksgiving break at thanksgiving time and halloween break at halloween time so yes yes yes

  • YEs we need it

    WE need it because it will let us have a break from learning and will have a chance to party. Also a chance to soalcise with students we don't know. In other hands it also can have parents come and help also the parents who don't know each other can talk and know about each other.

  • They will get happier

    If all students celebrated holidays in their school then kids would be or get more happier and of course they would like school if students celebrated holidays at or in their school ok and yes I think that students should celebrate holidays in or at their school ok ok bye

  • Students Should Celebrate Holidays At School

    I think that students should celebrate holidays because holidays are very fun and of course there are so many holidays through out the entire year ok and yes I think that students should celebrate holidays at school ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok good bye

  • Only some holidays and some schools

    Basically elementary does this if/how they want, Middle schools could “celebrate” by learning about them, Schools that have specific religions only celebrate holidays from that religion, And other schools just don’t celebrate, Or they could learn about them but it’s not required or anything. All schools celebrate any holidays required by law to celebrate, But holiday parties for like Xmas or something stay in elementary school and at home.

  • Should students have parties

    I say yes because students need a break so the teacher could put a movie and eat some food but you would still have to work so you could be learning more but if its some ones birthday you should celebrate so you could have fun and also you watch a movie and THANKS FOR READING MY ARTICLE

  • I don't think we should have school because its like time to spend with family

    Also because its like to celebrate something and its time to spend with your family and friends so i say i think we should not have school on a holiday aldo just because
    ex: if it was christmas then we would celebrate jesus birthday
    but yeah i say no.

  • No they shouldn’t

    I think that students should not celebrate holidays in school because it would take away their learning and plus students should be banned from celebrating holidays in school ok and no I think that students should not celebrate holidays in school ok so yeah my final answer is no ok bye bye

  • No way. Never.

    Holidays can give people seasonal disorders.
    Honestly, I get so angery and depressed around Christmas then im forced to sing Christmas music in choir, Listen to christmas songs on the bus, Look at decorations at school, And my grades have gone so far down I can't even work. I don't know what to do.

  • I am not religious

    We have the freedom of religion, Yet is it freedom when we celebrate Easter in public schools and so many people make me fell so uncomfortable when they say happy Easter. It is togetherness that the schools try to have yet a lot of times it makes people feel uncomfortable (in my experience at least).

  • Y r u swearing?

    There are little KIDS here reading this stuff there ain't no need to swear seriously. And class parties do take ur time from learning their might be foods and some kids could be allergic to the food like ice cream or milk and peanut butter they could get seriously injured from that

  • Regional and they can use that as a threat for work

    As the title says they will use that "holiday party" as a threat to get work done or else "no party" and it can be very offensive to people whom not of that religion instead of all that bull just give the kids a day off or so it would make all of us way. . . Happier!

  • No! Now way!

    Where do you draw the line? Celebrate Columbus Day - which is DEF not a holiday worth celebrating. Celebrate national ice cream cone day? I mean come on! Just keep celebrations to home, not school. Or attend a private school if you want to celebrate religious holidays. Thank you very much!

  • Some students dont like it

    Teahcers might celebrate the holiday but some students may not celebrate it for a reason or religion I think holidays shouldnt be celebrated in classrooms or schools or workplaces or offices but only at whoever celebrates its house
    take this as a notice people THIS IS MY OPINION ok done

  • Don't alienate the children.

    Forcing one holiday on children makes it more difficult for then to feel included and welcome within a classroom and more importantly the school. It is a means of alienating the children. There are so many celebrations that are out there, so if they are forced to celebrate one that isn't their own it can lead to them feeling like what they believe and celebrate isn't good enough.

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