• Students Already Know

    Students already know what they want to be by year 4 so why should we be forced to learn something we are not going to use 'cause teachers think that we are too young to make such an important decision but they are so very very wrong. And they don't even know.

  • They should choose

    There are many subject that kids usually don't want to do like for example music, art and more. If it is not going to help them in the future then why make them do it if they won't use it why waste time in teaching it to them. It just makes sense.

  • Because students should choose

    Students should get to choose if they have gym or art or computers because some students don't enjoy or are good at.They need to let students pick what specials,subjects,and teachers because then they'll enjoy school because they get to learn what they want from who the want that is my opinion

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  • Yes, to an extent.

    Students should still require a specific amount in the other subjects so they are not behind, but having a student choose a subject and master it sooner would be beneficial. Students who know what they want to do can get ahead of the game before entering college and choosing a major.

  • Chose what you want to learn

    College students are allowed to chose their own subjects and this works well for them. Letting students choose what they want to learn benifits them because this assures they will be interested in the class. However I believe some classes like English and some math should be mandatory since it will be hard to survive without knowing this things.

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