Should students come to school with phones and other gadgets.

  • I really like

    To play my xbox in class my favorite game is rainbow 6 siege and i yell "PULL OUT THE GUN AND SHOOT HIM DUMBASS" and my teacher get afraid every time and it is very funny cuz my friend reaches into his bag every time. . . . .

  • It gives students a "safe keeper. "

    If there was a school shooting or something, You can't exactly rely on the school to tell your parents if everything is okay. It also help student feel safer. Our school allows students to have cell phones, But you cannot use them in the classroom after the second bell has rung. Sometimes you need your phone if you can't remember an appointment, And the office doesn't always call you down, Sometimes you need to remember all on your own, And a phone helps. I don't think that an Ipad should be brought to school though. It seems like just lugging it around everywhere, And I don't think your gonna use it in the halls. We also use laptops everyday in class, Which is a gadget. My laptop always goes to 70% battery or less during school, And I can't even mention the homework.

  • They can get distracted.

    This can affect the student morally and academically as they spend more time watching or texting while lecture is on. The child will not focus or do well in their test or examination. They might begin to behave an abnormal way. This can make them long or short sighted. This is my reason

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