Should students' computers be monitored by their teachers?

  • I would say yes.

    I say yes because I belong to this generation and i know how some of these kids behave. And they tend to not pay attention and goof off. if the teachers can see what we are looking at on the computer it could be a stricter system. And they can redirect the kids.

  • Teachers should monitor the student's computers

    Teachers should be able to monitor a student’s computer because when you are at school, we are all here to learn. Kids end up with different sites that they do not need to be in. Kids go on Facebook or text messages during their schoolwork. These kids are then distracted. Kids also should be monitored on their computers so they are not looking sites that are not appropriate for them. Kids that hide their emotions and end up looking up drugs and etc., teachers need to help them. I think that works needs to be finished at school until the class is over then on your spare time do what you want but has to be acceptable by the teacher’s approve. There are kids who you can and cannot trust. The computer is personal when you not at school but this should maintain your control of usage of your computer. There are kids who get bored and do not want to do their work so they start to wonder off on internet or emailing during classes. I find that disrespectful when kids do that while the teacher is trying to teach the class.

    Posted: ANA PLANES 17 =>

  • Does this mean the school computers or personal computers?

    If the latter, then no. For the former, you have to play by the rules. I don't see how that's so hard...

  • This is quite obvious.

    The computers are the school's property, not the individual student's. It is in the school's interest to monitor the students and restrict them from certain activities that are either harmful or distracting. The computers are a privilege, and, as with everything, come with regulations on how and when one can use it properly.

  • Yes, I think student computers should be monitored by teachers when they are in school or any time the students are using school property.

    The monitoring of students and what they are doing while in school is a fundamental job that falls to teachers. They must keep track of student computer activity while at school in order to determine if the students are completing work as assigned. Just as workers should not play on computers at their jobs, students should not be playing at school.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Student's computers should be monitored to ensure that they are being used for educational purposes only.

    If students have the ability to use computers during school hours, teachers should have the right to monitor those computers. Computer use during school hours should be used for educational purposes only and, if they are not monitored, the right of technology will be abused. Teachers should be allowed to check what the computers are being used for.

    Posted by: EducatedAlfonso
  • I am doing a persuasive speech on this in school

    i have some suppoting facts that say it actuALLY IS NOT AGAINST SCHOOL POLICY FOR KIDS TO BE ON SOME SITES. I am not saying every site should be open to them but some sites like wikipedia and youtube are blocked at my school, both of those siteshave some innapropriate stuff on there that is why I voted yes to this because teachers should be able to see what students are doing. If you were a principal would you want your students looking up pornography or something like that. I will actually be presenting this speech to our principal and associate principal and hope that maybe our sites can become more leniant. Sorry if there are spelling errors

  • If the students are minors their computer activity should be monitored as it is our responsibility as adults to guide them in the right direction.

    Children have access to a wide array of material on the Internet and a good deal can be harmful to their psychological development. Parents should monitor their children's activities on the computer and should feel comfortable wit allowing their children to have computer access at school. Computer monitoring by teachers is not only acceptable, but necessary.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • In School there is no 1st Amendment

    RayEar, no offense but you have never truly payed ANY attention have you, at a high school near my home, it says on EVERY DOOR, that once it is on school property there are no first amendment rights, everything is succeptable to being searched including from cars to purses "if done correctly" and backpacks, which means if a student has been on a school computer then they are by all rights (or lack of) to have a teacher sit over their shoulder and watch them.

  • Yes, because the computer isn't the student's property.

    A few years ago, a couple of students used the laptop computers that the school supplied to them to hack into the school's network. They then proceeded to change grades in the system, among other things. The teachers should also be able to check to make sure they are not doing any other illegal things with school property.

    Posted by: deceitfulx
  • Of course not!

    It is an invasion of privacy. You don't see teachers going around monitoring your piece of paper that your writing on, its the exact same as the computer. If your really that worried about a student is on sites that they shouldn't then block the sites. Its that simple.

  • No, I don't think student's computers need to be monitored because it is a breach of personal privacy.

    I think it is wrong to have a student's computer monitored by a teacher, unless there is a reason behind it. Simply monitoring on a daily, even weekly basis is an invasion of privacy. It is similar to having their personal property or locker searched - it should only be done when there is a reason, such as a possible risk to the student or school.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • If a student's computer is his or her own private property, then it is unethical for a teacher to impose his or her moral standards on the student's computer activity.

    It is sensible to give teachers authority over students' computer activity on classroom computers during scheduled learning time. If a student is not completing an assignment as directed, then of course the teacher must intervene to maintain a stimulating learning environment. However, if a student is using his or her own computer, the teacher has no right to search the student's activity. The computer is the student's private property and teachers have no right to monitor its use. However, if the computer is being used in class in a distracting manner, it is reasonable to give teachers the authority to ask that the computer be put away or to block internet sites.

    Posted by: SilverDano
  • Students can be trusted enough

    Yes some kids play games and are on eBay, craigslist, and other sites. But in 1 of my classes I am the teacher goes back and helps the other kids. Because they need help and the kids playing on the games or other stuff listed. Don't want to wait forever. I for 1 do not play games but now at our school the teachers can watch what were doing. Today! That same teacher told us to find pictures for an html deal then she saw on her screen everyone was playing games and she x-out of the pictures instead of the games. But again. We were all waiting for her to get back to full class. And I had a problem where I was checking my emails. And the teacher locked my screen and read my email! Now to me that's a little bs they should not be able to read those emails. Unless its bad 1 and it comes back from the state. In which this case I be never had happen! So I think what teachers are doing is wrong and its overrated! And some students can be trusted!

  • Nondescript question

    If the computer is the student's personal property, the teacher has no right to monitor their computer. However, if it is the student's personal computer or a computer on the school's network, then the school can monitor network usage. If the computer is school-owned, the teacher has every right to monitor it.

  • Of course not

    Teachers never monitored our pads of paper and we turned out just fine. It's certianly their right to walk around the room to find out what were doing but they shouldn't be allowed to monitor what kids are doing 24/7. We have to loosen the reigns on children and allow them to become adults. Part of that transition is giving children the necessary tools to make the right decisions. If we have someone holding their hand each step of the way, they'll never learn. Remember, we can't prevent every bad thing from happening to children. Part of growing up is learning from the pain of mistakes.

  • Computers should not be monitored by teachers, students should retain their right to privacy.

    It's a violation of a student's right to privacy to monitor their computer use. It's one step closer to 1984. The most they should ever be monitored is the teacher glancing at the computer screen, not logging their keystrokes or the websites they visit. Teachers already take student's cellophane's and view their text messages and pictures without permission.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Invasion of privacy

    This could be used to see private information such as when students are filling out applications for colleges where sensitive information is asked. Information that is not only none of the teacher's business but is actually illegal for them to view. But these computer monitoring applications allow teachers to see this information at their discretion.

  • Invasion of Privacy

    I can understand why a teacher would benefit from monitoring a kids computer during class, but teachers have access to see what you're doing at home. Monitoring should only be allowed DURING school hours! Sometimes I can see teachers are viewing my computer while I'm at home which makes me very uncomfortable.

  • Privacy for persons

    Of course not! It is an invasion of privacy. You don't see teachers going around monitoring your piece of paper that your writing on, its the exact same as the computer. If your really that worried about a student is on sites that they shouldn't then block the sites. Its that simple.

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