• As much as we all hate to admit it...

    Yes, how else will you hone what you have learned that school day without homework? The problem with homework isnt homework itself, its how time consuming it can become when every class you have assigns you that. I guess the only way people will be on board for homework is if the material is engaging, but even that has its limits...How can you make literature homework engaging if the book you are reading bores you to death?

  • Homework has it's benefits.

    When I was in class, there were many times I thought I understood the material pretty well. Then, when I got home to do the homework, I would realize that I overestimated my comprehension. Homework serves as good reinforcement, and it's good for review as well. It helps you determine what you understand and what you don't understand. I would get rid of busywork though. It's very distracting and takes away from the learning process. Busywork is incredibly frustrating as well.

  • You need it to understand the lessons

    I'm a student, and like G2325jcbd, I hate homework. Although when student is in class, and the teacher explains something, you won't understand it all, especially when it is a difficult subject. You're more likely to understand it and use it in the practice when you have made homework about it. And if I be honest, you're in school for yourself, and not for your teacher.

  • I guess they should.

    To be honest, I hate homework. It is something i have always dreaded from K-12. But homework should still be done by students because it may help them understand what they are doing. Homework is practice at home with whatever your doing. It may help with better understanding of something.

  • Kids Need Freedom.

    Kids need to have free time during the day to enrich creative abilities. That is one thing that lacks at schools now, because of the focus on everything but artistic and athletic classes (such as art, music, drama, sports etc.) Children need time to develop imagination and build character and the perfect place for that is at home. There fore you don't need to bring school home with you.

  • As a Mom, I vote no

    My children spend 6 hours per day in school. After they return home from school, they have chores to complete and then complete their after school activities. I think that schools should be able to teach everything that is necessary during the six hours per day. I believe the use of the standardized test , teacher tenure and requiring teachers to teach on more and more non education information has diluted the ability for good teachers to teach.

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