Should students drop out of school before they turn 18?

  • They'll be much smarter for it

    Dumb Down
    dont let them know how to independently care for or defend themself, make survival needs or weapons, or where its food comes from, to keep them dependent.
    Deprive them of useful important info, truth,and non-words/pictures/video info by forcing/intimidating them to go to school
    school(day prison uneducation camp) is only to train slaves to obey(read,write,say,do as told), regeritate lies. They tell you its good for you, because they think its good for you to be a slave. Watch harry potter tyranical school movie
    occupy its mind w the most useless boring info. Dont teach it anything that could help it. Illiterate in useful words- only teach words no one uses.
    Force to shut up and sit still in chair to weaken body and immunity and reduce blood flow to brain to dum it down
    drug/poison it to make it weak so it wont move, experiment, explore or travel, to make it dum.
    Keep them compartmentalized, isolated, dont let them socialize or travel, only know how to do 1 repetitive job
    deindividualize to collectivize punish non-conformity.
    Schools target children because there small, weak, easy to control
    order them to look at books filled w info schools admit has no application that the student will never use in their life. If the info had application, the student wouldnt be allowed access to resources necessary to apply that info. They forget it right after the test.
    The only reason for school-day-prison is to create weak obedient slaves.

  • What would it matter to you?

    Whats the point in saying no, its not your choice and they can still make a decent living. You won't use everything in school in real life so what is the point of judging someone, and 16 is just two years before 18. 18 would be worse because of a higher chance for alchohal and drugs.

  • We wont need it when we get older

    Do you really think when you get older you'll pull up at McDonald and have to do something like multiply fractions or add two exponents or something like that to add up to your total?...No ,which is why i believe that its useless now things like multiplication,addition,subtraction,dividing or basic things that you most definitely will need ARE usefull so once we learn those things i feel that school is useless.Teachers make use read long boring books that were gonna forget about and never need and exhausting vocabulary words that were probably never gonna use.We waste hours listening to things like that when we could be somewhere at a job making money that's gonna be VERY useful in a couple of days.So which one are u gonna prefer,years of reading boring books and useless vocabulary words or making money that your gonna really appreciate in a few days? You make the choice

  • School does not guarantee success.

    All school does is "teach" you information that you won't use later in life, except for basic math/reading & writing. I don't think that should have the option of leaving school until you have completed at least your Sophomore year of high school, but once you do, you should be able to leave if you want to. School does NOT give you a great education, contrary to popular belief. And it also does NOT give us the skills necessary to surviving the "real world." It just crams useless information into our minds, nothing more and nothing less. I'm no closer to achieving my dream through school, I came closer through hard work. School did not give me any of the skills necessary to prepare me. And it's not the only "path to success."

  • I think its ok

    Because if you make bad grades or you cant focus in school whats the point in going I'm in 10th grade and I have all d's in all my classes I cant focus I cant try hard I cant do anything right in any of my classes so I think that if you have a good reason for it and you dont think you can push on then you shouldn't be in school at all

    My mom made me watch the baby 24/7 and made me miss about 32 days total in school days so they ottimatically failed me in all my classes due to attendance so I just gave up with all school work completely

  • If students have reason to

    I think it should be optional for students to drop out if they have some reason to. My mum dropped out during high school at age 16 because her dad is really old (75 tears) and can't work much around. She was a good kid and help her dad around the house.

  • For Good reasons

    Some students may have family issues that they focus more on then having to focus in school. Sometimes its money problems. Half of the time it those who are bullied and them not feeling safe at school. We think of issues that are important for us to focus on instead.

  • Students should be able to drop out of school before they turn 18.

    I am in school and I am done leaning the things I need for my dream jobs. I have multiple jobs in mind just in case I can't get into one. And I will graduate at 17 because my birthday is about 10 days after I graduate. I don't want to wast my time doing things I will forget the next year and never use.

  • They will be cool

    The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that educates to make our lives better at such a young age.
    The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that educates to make our lives better at such a young age.
    The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that educates to make our lives better at such a young age.

  • To Find Themselves

    I think dropping out before they turn 18 is generally up to them in the long run, and even if they do its never a bad thing. I dropped out my senior year around Oct, my best friend died, my aunt died, my mom divorced my dad over the summer, my mom also kicked me out. And i was just really having a hard time trying in school. Like nobody prepares you for the ups and downs in life like that. So i dropped out to find myself. Yes i said to find myself. That doesn't mean that i don't want what is best for me , because trust me i do. And i eventually did find myself three months later. I woke up at 8 one day and had ice cream for breakfast and then and there i knew what i needed to do. And yes i went back to school. And due to me having enough credits. I graduated with my class. But i found myself today and i think that is the one thing they wont be able to teach you in school. But you have to do it soon. Because if you don't you will literally be putting yourself through hell.

  • Staying in school allows for good job

    Students who drop out of school are denying themselves a chance at a further education. Getting a higher education allows for a good, well paying job, and with more people getting higher pay, poverty and homeless rates may go down. Also, you are (usually) more mature when you graduate than when you are 16.

  • You can have a better career.

    If you drop out you won't be able to have the job you want, get paid the way you want, or you won't be able to own what you want like a house, a car, or little things you want. But if you want to drop out you can but you won't be able to have the things you want you. So drop out it is your choice, but don't expect the thing you want.

  • Do You Really Want to Be Someone One Day?

    You can get more knowledge by making more good and better choices in the future.You will need to know that one day it will be it will be really hard to be dealing with. Like for example you have problems reading super high level words that your never get to learn. One day you will ask yourself If I only had that one opportunity to spend my time wisely wouldn't I have been a better self doing better at work?

  • Can know more girls

    Because if you are in school, you can have a lot of chances to have interesting activities with school girls. You will gain more attention from the girls, and you will become more popular in your social. If you were dropped out from school, you can't get these experiences anymore!

  • No they shouldnt

    Students should not drop out before they are 18 because they need an education if they want there dream job some say screw it ill get my ged and that wont get u the job u want but if you stay in school you will have alot more job oppertunittys.

  • The next generation of voters

    I believe that kids should be educated because they are the next generation of voters for this country and if they are illiterate uneducated people that don't understand anything then they will make poor decisions when voting and they wont really understand the things that they are voting about either.

  • Education for all Minors

    All minors should have the right to and should not drop out of education. There may be a select few cases where it is necessary to help the family, but in general students shouldn't be able to drop out before the age of 18. Many jobs require at least a high school degree, and it is important that these minors get enough education to get a job and get into college if they want to eventually.

  • Because when you are young you can make good choices

    When you are young your brain is not fully developed and more likely to make bad choices so dropping out before 18 could effect them in the future when they go to apply for a job. The only job you could get if you don't have a degree is probably working at MacDonald's. So by the time you are 18 you might have changed your mind as you mature.

  • No because of the reason below

    Because they will miss lessons that they need to know about and they will flunk and they will not be able to graduate because they wont know what they are supost to know there parents will be mad because there child will not graduate from school and they paid for them to go to school

  • Not good for there future

    I'm in school and if one if my friends did drop out they could do drugs or they might do somthing bad. They could just drop out and might not be thinging of there future and scard to come back to school. In all your should not droup out of school it is not good for you.

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