• Happier healthier kids

    Kids are doing bad in school. Lets face it and you know why? Cafeteria food. Cafeteria food is so unhealthy it doesn't include any nutrients that growing teens need. Have you ever noticed how the hot dogs bounce. Or that the pizzas are dripping in grease. And then there's the child obesity problem that unhealthy carbohydrate loaded school lunches arent helping.

  • Children should be getting better food in the cafeteria

    Children are getting obese and are needing to lose weight.Plus most of the time the food is really gross.People are looking at the price rather than the quality of the food.Also, more veggies and lean meats will help the children's total health and their well being. Therefore we should definitely have better food in the cafeteria.

  • Get Junk Foods Out of School Lunches

    Junk foods need to be removed from elementary and high schools around the nation. We should not be giving unhealthy foods to our children and teens for any reason. Without a doubt, better alternatives are available and could easily be served in schools. Junk foods need to be removed immediately.

  • School lunches should offer healther options

    Yes, I agree that school lunches should be more health conscious. Our children are slowly becoming obese and unhealthy. With this the health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and others are ensuring that our children die before the parents. Healthier food at school will at least give the student one healthy meal a day if they are not eating healthy at home.

  • School lunches should contain healthier foods.

    School lunches should contain healthier foods. Many school lunches are so bad now that they are focusing on the price versus the quality of the food. I think that the school lunch program should be looked at and regrouped. I think our students pay good money for their lunch and they should be getting good food.

  • Yes, healthy food is better for lunch.

    If healthy food is made to be tasty then the kids will eat it and have more energy for their afternoon studies. Heavy carbs like pasta and sweets do not do anything but put kids to sleep and raise their sugar levels. More vegetables and lean meats will help their total health and well being.

  • Implementing smarter eating choices is a good idea

    A very natural way to counter obesity is to provide better meals for children via school lunches. An important piece to this is that those school lunches taste good. Tasty food is much easier digested by kids in many ways. Hiring local chefs to critique cooking methods and types of vegetables will help.

  • Lunch is healthier and good

    If somebody say no they are crazy they like juck food is un healthy it just goging get fat . You guys to think about juck food it's bad for your heart and for your body it can lt can make sick it can make you sick you can die from juck food

  • Fresh cafeteria food is better for students.

    Fresh cafeteria food is very important. If students don't like what's being served or if it looks fake then they won't eat it, and they will be hungry for the rest of the day and not focus on school. They will be distracted by their stomach growling. At my school the hamburgers have small bubbles on them and they look completely uncooked. I hope people choose to stand up for fresh cafeteria food. DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!!

  • Children need to learn healthy eating habits.

    It is important that we feed our children healthier foods. When they are younger, children are impressionable and that is when they learn good habits. We should teach them the value of eating healthy to combat preventable diseases and obesity. Many children also need help eating nutritiously, because their families may have trouble financially providing them with healthy food choices.

  • Food is nasty

    I am a student and i know how bad the food is thanks to ms. Oboma wanting us to go healthy. Have you seen how fat that woman is. I know for a fact that she never went on no healthy diet so why should we, us students?
    Sincerly, starving student

  • It is unhealthy for the kids

    The cafeteria food is gross. Kids should not be eating it. We do not know where it came from and it can be very unhealthy , and it may have chemicals we do not know of. And the food itself they may not like or they might be allergic and not know it .

  • It Just Isn't Worth it

    If a kid wants to eat, a healthy meal once a day in the cafeteria isn't going to change its diet. They can just stock up at home. Don't force a kid to eat food that he or she does not want to eat. In all perspectives it is impractical

  • Healthy food is starving students.

    Yes, students should be able to eat healthy, but is this healthy food driving students to dislike their food and throw it away? Many students are STARVING because of the disgusting food they are forced to eat. Some students dont even bother getting up to go get food anymore. Yes, it should be healthy but a good enough food that students can actually eat.

  • Dont eat it

    More than 2.5 million teens are obese because of cafeteria food. Cafeteria food can cause heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, knee and joint problems, various types of cancer, and even death... It can even change eating habits in the future of your life. Less than 20% of all the food in all the schools followed the cafeteria food guidelines

  • Junk food is bad

    I think schools should serve healthier food because most of the kids that are over weight are because of junk food at the school and a little of it is because the parents feed them a little to much at home witch makes them get use to eating that every day

  • Junk food is bad

    I think schools should serve healthier food because most of the kids that are over weight are because of junk food at the school and a little of it is because the parents feed them a little to much at home witch makes them get use to eating that every day

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  • You Don't Know Where It Comes From.

    Cavorted food is usually made in other company's its not originally made in the cafeteria. The affect of that is that you do not know if the conditions of where the food was made was clean and organized. Would you want your food knowing that is clean made from the cavorted or would you like food shipped by company's.

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