• Stop drug abuse

    20% or more students abuse drugs let's bring that down to 0%. Many students pass on drugs to younger kids and they become addicted. We can stop that addiction with these drug tests. Join and help me get this debate poll spreader around. It wouldn't hurt to pay a couple dollars for a drug test to know your child is safe.

  • Yes, of course!

    I am an advocate for drug testing in schools. I have my reasoning of course, and I'll be baffled if nobody agrees with me when I say we need to know the local drug dealers. So we can cuff them? Of course not! Use it as leverage against them to get the dankest of deals on the dankest of drugs!

  • Takes advantage of the legal and social position of students, Treats kids like criminals, some drugs can't be tested for, and this usurps parental authority

    Kids are forced to go to school. Granted it is for a good reason. But we force them to go to school and then take total advantage of the fact that they have no choice but to be, doing things we couldn't do if students could react by going on strike. Things like zero tolerance policies, attendance policies that require doctor's notes to get out of class even if you are just sick with a brief cold, and that require a doctor's note just to bring in over-the-counter medication.

    All of the policies assume that all students are up to no good and that all students dislike going to school. This is a terrible assumption to make. Studies show that when it is communicated to students that they are bad rather than trying to become good they internalize it and think of themselves as "bad". They embrace it, and act out more. Worse is that seeing learning as fun and interesting gets replaced with seeing it as a chore imposed by authorities, and then this attitude persists into adulthood.

    Will we be testing for alcohol too? If not many kids will just drink more. Also there is no drug test that can test for every single type of drug. Students would rebel against the drug tests by seeking out drugs that couldn't be tested for, drugs which may be even worse than the ones that can be tested for. Or they may use potentially harmful products that can mask the presence of drugs that are tested for.

    A final point parents can drug test their children if they have suspicions. All they have to do is buy a testing kit. This isn't something schools should be doing. Parents know their kids the best and so if they think there is a problem they have the authority to check for it.

    The best way to promote good behavior, school attendance, lower drop out rates, and good grades is to start with the assumption that students aren't misbehaving and that they want to learn. Starting from that point then we can talk about restrictions and maybe even drug testing for those students who disprove this assumption.

  • This will stop some kids from using drugs.

    Students should take a drug test even if they don’t do drug. People think it should be up to the coach if that person goes on the team if he does drugs. Students should be tested for safety. Parent might not think there child should be tested because they know they don’t do drugs, but if they get tested and its positive theirs evince they can tell the parents and help the children’s health before it gets bad. Parents may say students don’t need tested because they don’t have money so they would not be able to buy drugs. Other kids may have money and they buy drugs and invite their friends over to share. Some school may do this and test every student. It all depends on the school and what they think.

  • A major invasion of privacy

    A student is an adult and should have the right to make his or her own decisions therefore, to force drug tests on students is an infringement on their right of privacy. If you can't trust your child, why even send them off to college? Whether or not a student decides to use drugs is up to his or herself. Furthermore, drug test laws are not unanimous. Some laws require there to be reasonable cause to test an individual, rather than a blanket test. I feel that drug tests for students should only be administered if criminal activity is involved otherwise, the school has no authority to test students for drugs. Parents, university administrators, and the government have no right to force drug tests upon students unless due process has been carried out to justify testing.

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