• I know that they should.

    Most kids these days need to learn when their young that drugs are bad because in the real world when their older some people think that it is ok to do drugs because sometimes they don't get caught. Kid need to learn from a young age, And if that mean's them getting caught I think it should go through.

  • Students should be put through mandatory drug testing.

    If drug testing is introduced to schools, it could help limit the amount of students who drop out or are failing classes due to drugs. In America alone about 1 in 7 students drop out every year. There are approximately 20.4 million students in America, so if 1 in 7 drop out, that’s about 2,914,286 students per year! That’s about 116,572 classes or 3,760 schools worth of people. That’s too many people, so if we introduce drug testing in schools, that number will go down drastically. People don’t want to get caught, so the only way to not get caught is to not do it in the first place.

  • Yes drug testing should be a mandotory

    Students should face a mandatory drug testing not just because of the education or other students, they may be suffering from bulling or they may have lot of problems in they house , and they don't have who will listen to them, and by having a drug tested and help them we may know why the choose to use drug at first.

  • Yes I state that high school students should face mandatory drug tests!

    By having mandatory drug tests in high school, it will give a positive impact on the drug user and students’ education in high school. Some people might think that not having drug tests might really not affect students’ education because most students would not want to know about others. After someone is caught with taking drugs, some people might bully the students who take drugs and got caught during the drug test. However, if there is someone sitting in class that is affected by the drugs, they can distract others and their own learning. It is the persons discussion to take drugs and they are spoiling their own opportunity of learning by taking drugs and then having the side effects to it which spoils their learning. They took the discussion, but they do not have the right to spoil others’ learning.They can also disobey or disrespect others and distract all the other students in the high school. By having mandatory drug tests the students would know who is taking drugs and would stay away from them so they can gain knowledge easily. The side effects to drugs can make the drug user stressed, aggressive, crazy and many other things. Well yes, if there is someone in class acting weird, you would turn to look, so that does distract. Either way, your you going to be hurt, when you get bullied and when someone spoils your opportunity of learning. You might want to just know who's taking drugs, because the person might get bullied a little bit and then people will just tell him to stop taking drugs, but in that way he won’t spoil his and others opportunity of learning. This why high school students should face mandatory tests for their and others education.

  • Drug testing should be mandatory if there is enough probable cause to test.

    I agree that school is hard but if a student wants to use drugs, an education is not going to prevent that. If a kid is considering it or is being peer pressured into using drugs, it is going to happen. If they have access to drugs at school then yes they will go to school but it sure wont be for the education. If the problem is already there then why are we ignoring it? I can't believe someone would suggest to just leave the problem alone. Also for the students that don't use drugs and are trying to get an education, do we just leave them to peer pressure and cross our fingers that they are strong enough to resist the peer pressure? They should be able to learn in a drug free zone.

  • Testing would eliminate drug use.

    If the school could do an annual check for drugs there would be NO way that there could be drug use or trafficking in schools. Aside from this if a student was found to have or be taking drugs, they could be removed so that the kids that come to school to learn, (instead of traffic illegal substances), could do so. Furthermore it is NOT an invasion of privacy.

  • Yes, Students Should Face Mandatory Drug Tests

    Students should face mandatory drug tests if they have given school officials adequate, documented, reasons to believe it might be necessary. School officials have the responsibility to protect the entire student body. A student who is doing drugs could harm the student body if he/she is selling drugs on campus, or coming to school high. If one student indicates that he/she might be causing harm to the student body in any way, the situation needs to be contained.

  • No

    No, I don't feel as if students should face mandatory drug tests. That should be up to the parents of each child, not up to the school. The main purpose of school should be to learn and get an education, not to be given added pressures. Leave schools how they are right now, It's hard enough.

  • No, Students should not face mandatory drug tests.

    Students that are subject to mandatory drug testing are having their Constitutional Rights violated, specifically the 4th Amendment. The 4th Amendment protects United States citizens from search and seizure without a probable cause. When a student is drug tested in mandatory fashion, the figure authorizing the drug test is seizing evidence, whatever form it may be, from students without probable cause

  • Invasion of the student body....

    I am in middle school and i do not agree with a mandatory drug test. I understand that drug use would be eliminated if this drug test were to happen. But this is a total invasion of our privacy. I am not one for drugs, but if a students choice were to do drugs it is not the schools choice to prevent this. Drug use of a student should then be taken upon their parent/guardian. If i wanted to be tested for drugs everyday i would simply go to prison. School is a place were we learn, it is not a place regarding our drug use or anything regarding that matter. Simply this is not okay, we are free in school and she be able to show that. If your parents do not agree with drug usage it should not be the schools say it is yours and your parents say.

  • Students should not face drug tests.

    Mandatory drug tests violate privacy. Unless a student is directly under the influence and harming someone it isn't the schools business what they do. Furthermore, people are required to attend school, and should be able to, testing them would serve no purpose except to force them into treatment if they failed. While tretment is good, it should be optional, and won't work anyway unless they want the help.

  • No

    Students should not be drug tested. Being drug tested requires a hair or blood sample. That is a violation of a student's rights. School is a place to learn and is a very difficult environment as it is. Only under a circumstance where a child is believed to be causing harm by taking drugs, should they be tested under legal sanction. There should always be probably cause to single out a student. As a while class, students should not be required to take a drug test.

  • Invasion of privacy, much?

    School is school, not a prison. Already so many children are forced to go to school amid armed police officers and metal detectors that adding a drug test is only going to make school an even more hostile place to be. Students are children, not convicted felons. The school years are a time where children can be taught how to respond to the world in a healthy manner. Instead of trying to treat a problem that is already there, focus should go on to an education that will decrease the likelihood that a student will try drugs in the first place.

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