Should students form student councils where kids come to them and ask advice on how to handle bullying?

  • Most kids are scared to talk to grown ups.

    Many kids (including me) are more afraid to talk to adults then children/ teens. Adults are very hard to talk to because they are not going through the same thing at the time. Many children know the same thing you may be going through so it feels lot safer to talk to kids than adults.

  • Bullying Needs Counselors, Not Student Councils

    Victims of bullying need trained counselors to help them, not fellow students. Those people on a potential student council could be friends with a bully or even engage in bullying in the first place. There needs to be an impartial third party to help kids with bullying problems at school. Parents need to become more involved to protect their children as much as possible.

  • Students Shouldn't Advise Themselves On Bullying

    Students shouldn't form student councils where other kids can come for bullying advice. In a one-on-one situation, students can help each other with their bullying experiences. A council that actually meets regularly won't provide ample support to students on an individual basis and could even exacerbate problems between bullies and victims.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-27T00:03:23.863
Those are already around.

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