Should students from kindergarten to grade 12 wear uniforms?

  • Not quite decided.

    Well, nowdays, I guess it should be good because of the crisis, that's going on around the world and if some parents can not afford some fancy clothes for their kids, i think having uniforms in good in that way because then, there would be no differences between the kids

  • Its better that way... Sometimes..

    In my opinion, it is good in a way because everybody looks the same dressed. But it makes no difference about the bullying because students still get bullied whether it's about what they wear or not. Nobody should be worrying about the uniform policy! People should be asking about the changes they should make in bullying..

  • Yes uniforms should be there

    As some parents cannot afford good clothes for their kids it can be a cause for the kid to be dominated by other kids whose parents can afford costly and fancy clothes for their kids. If uniforms are there there will be no domination among the rich and the poor kids. If a kid is lost he/she can be identified through their uniforms.

  • I so don't agree with that! They can wear whatever they want.

    If teachers think wearing uniforms is the right choice, i don't think so! In Catholic schools and all those private schools, sure whatever........ Go ahead. DON'T! Please let them dress how they want to be, problem solved. As long as they dress appropriately. Not clothes from stupid freaking justice, but sure. DRESS HOW YOU WANNA BE

  • Hahahahahah HELL NO

    Kids should be able to express themselves in any way they wish. I don't know any reason they shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes other than being enrolled in a private school.
    Would you want some government agency coming to your home telling you everyone in your neighborhood needs to wear a uniform while within the vicinity?

  • No more uniforms.

    Live freely kids. Love your clothes love your self love your life.Be your self BE YOUR SELF. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE DON`T CHANGE YOURSELF. It will cost so much for more then 1 uniform each year because you grow you can wear what you want when you want say no not yes FREEDOM.

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