• Homework supports lessons learned in school

    Yes. Most of the time children listen up into they hit the door of the classroom. When they get home some of them execute a complete data dump. Having homework backs up the information that was distributed during class. Also some children need extra help and practice with lessons and homework can supply this.

  • They need to learn........

    Students should get homework because sometimes they will actually not learn enough in school and with homework they will be able to teach themseves and be smarter. They should be able to get the learning expectation that every kid in the school is getting..... Even if their smart or not.

  • Of Course They Should.

    I am not a "parent that just wants their kid to do homework" or any of the other things mentioned in the column to the right. I am a 23-year-old University graduate. I firmly believe students should have homework because it stimulates their memory, gives them a sense of commitment with deadlines to be met and helps form good organizational and time management skills. They have to be responsible and be held accountable for the work they have completed, which are undoubtedly valuable skills to have as an adult. When the appropriate amount of homework is assigned, there should be no issues with stifling creativity or imagination, or taking up all of a child's time after school.

  • Yes, students should have homework.

    Homework is one of the best ways for students to internalize what they've learned in class that day. When students are doing homework, they can go at their own pace, and won't feel intimidated or uncomfortable if they have questions about the material. Homework also gives parents the opportunity to see what their children are learning in the classroom. The amount of homework a student receives should depend on the child's grade and learning ability.

  • Sure they should have homework

    The idea of school is to learn, some people will learn better in the class room others will do better if they take something home and think of it on their own time.

    I think homework is good as long as it's used correctly by teachers, who I believe do a good job of using homework correctly.

  • yes

    Students should always be required to do homework. A lot of time, the cirriculum is so full that classes don't even have time to fully teach and review all of the material. Homework helps kids learn further what they might not cover in class. Homework also keeps the mind sharp and helps retention of knowledge.

  • Apply Yourself.

    Students should get homework. When something is taught to them the teachers need to make sure they are absorbing the lessons and where they struggle. Should they have less homework? Yes. Too much is stressful, but a little bit of it is needed to test how well they are paying attention.

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  • Students should get homework

    I think that students should get homework because it helps them understand more and not forget what their learning or how to do operations (math operations) also think home work helps because home work help students devot more time to learning insted of technolgy and and bring their grades up

  • I think we should

    I think we should because if students don't get homework then how will they remember all the things they have learned ???? ??? Teachers need to know that there pupils are understanding the work in class . Because if it comes up to a test and they don't have mistakes to look at then how will they be able to learn from them. So I think we should get homework.

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  • Homwerk is dum

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  • Kids have after school activities

    Yes, I get that teachers want us to work on what we learned in class at home, but kids have after school activities. Many kids do sports and activities after school almost everyday a week. A lot of kids also do many sports or activities after school and don't have enough time ofr homework.

  • To much time

    For pupils such as myself to fulfil their full potential, it is the teachers responsibility to teach them what they need to know in that lesson. If we get homework, it just means that we have to do what we have done in class at home (and sometimes the teachers don't always explain clearly how to do a certain part of it, so it automatically becomes the pupils fault when we say we didn't understand what to do). Some people may say that if the pupil is confused or needs help, they should ask a parent, sibling or research it. This, however, means that the teacher did not meet the required objectives during the lesson because the pupil did not know how to do something that they were expected to.Bthis, therefore, is the teachers fault, not the pupils, because they are the ones who are getting paid to teach us, and if they aren't doing a sufficient job at doing so, then many pupils' learning will be hindered because they aren't being educated to the necessary standard of the school. In conclusion, we shouldn't get homework because it is a sign of the teacher being too lazy and unable to teach the pupils what they need to learn during the time in that lesson.

  • Homewerk is dujmb

    I think homewerk is dumb. Why do we git homewerk I don't get it I git good grades and tink we should not git it cuz it is dumb and I do not like it and my dog likes it a lot so if we git it we shood gibe it to r dogz.

  • Homework is a no

    Homework adds more stress to life and kids should live there young life happy not stressing over homework . I think teachers should let kids do more in class assinements and let them learn form there mistakes. When i was a kid i had no time for family things and after school activities.

  • Three reasons why

    1. Some people play a lot of sports and then, some people have brothers and sister, so they have to go to their game and practices. 2.It stresses people out when they get a pile of work to take home. 3. People get tried of it over and over again.

  • Why should we get homework

    Why do students get homework if we need to hang out with friends and family and watching TV homework is got stupid if you say yes to homework then your wrong because we don't deserve it . If you said no homework the everyone should say no homework so debate now for no homework.

  • It wastes time

    It wastes time to to do more Important things at home, like tending to your chores before. Dark and that is impossible because my bus takes almost a hole copal of hours to get to my stop and when I get home it's all most dark, and my parents have me do my home work first

  • Stresses us out

    I'm probably not speaking for myself here but i get stressed when I'm doing the pile of homework I get each week from nearly every subject i do. Teachers expect us to learn seven subjects in great detail and it's bad enough in class stressing out when you don't understand a topic never mind being in your home when you're meant to be relaxing. The teachers should teach us what we need to know in the class not when we're by ourselves it's like we're expected to know the topic at the start and to teach ourselves it when we do the homework. It's brilliant that we go to school and get an education but we shouldn't be getting homework especially when we have upcoming tests. When you're trying to get studying done for that test we don't get enough study time if we have a pile off homework from other classes which really doesn't help you out.

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