• I think they should have the choice of having homework

    I think they should have homework although a small amount. Teens mostly need homework as it provides the extra work they need to be able to do their exams however they should get the choice for example if a student didn't understand a certain topic in the subject then they can work on that as long as they don't push themselves too far. Homework gives the chance for students to give them the amount of time they need so they don't have to rush it and can do it in their own time, Homework may not be for everyone as their home situation may not be as good as some others however it may help them forget their problems and give tem something to focus on. Overall i think they should get the choice of having homework.

  • Regular Homework Required

    Minimal amount of homework related to schoolwork should be given. It allows revision of the material as well. Many kids don't study after going back home, And homework will ensure that some amount of effort is being put. It doesn't need to be work worth hours but less work for practice.

  • Under certain circumstamces.

    I think its enrirely possible to develop a system in which a child is given a reasonable amount of tine to complete their work during the school day. Should this work not be completed either because the child is not committing to the task or they require further tutalege, Work can be sent home.

  • No not needed

    Already schools try shove as much hours as they can into the school day. And they ALSO try shove more work as possible when students are meant to be taking a break from learning, This is done with homework. Un needed, Unpleasant and an extra weight to carry for students.

  • No No NO

    Students need help and sometimes it can not be given. So say no and end homework. Parents if you say no you could have more time to yourself to relax and not spending time telling your child that they are wrong. Children I know you just don't want it.

  • No I do not think so

    Well if they only have 8-3 then yes, But if you expand the school day, Then not really, Besides homework was meant for times when it was needed, As of today it isn't, I think i should be phased out, And replaced with a longer school day as of now.

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