Should students get in trouble for things they do outside of school?

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  • I wanted to say no

    But with the increase of unintelligent things the students do, someone needs to enforce the rules. If there is no discipline from the parents, the child will likely grow up without accepting responsibility for their actions. In a perfect world, the parents would sufficiently discipline the child, and the school would need not worry, but it has become an increasing trend where children have less respect for their authority, and feel entitled to things.

  • If It Leads Back To School

    With bullying rates increasing more and more everyday, anybody that is in a place to help stop it should get involved. When a child is bullied online or "off-campus" it leads back to school. When has there ever been a time where a child was insulted so many times but showed up at school acting totally normal? You're right, there hasn't been a case like that. Students often start flunking out of class or become closed off because of the fear other classmates will make fun of them. Things like this can cause suicide, if you want to tell me that school's shouldn't get involved when a child's life starts to go downhill and they have thoughts of killing themselves, then you're sick.

  • In some circumstances it's needed

    If they are doing something wrong while wearing school uniform, they are representing the school where ever they are. Also if a child has been convicted of a serious crime which could affect the safety of the students at their school this should also be taken into consideration when considering action.

  • Things that happen outside of school have no jurisdiction inside of school

    Schools are government owned so anything that don't happen on the property shouldn't have any sort of regulation to the school itself. Even if it ends up turning to the school itself, There should be no punishment to be had upon the students. They brought the problem upon themselves to the school.

  • No! Students too have rights!

    Here's THREE scenario's
    Let's say a student's bag was full and the only place to put there phone was in a pocket, the phone slides out of the pocket, the student checks to see if it's okay, and a guy helps the student, the principal thinks the student is using a phone in school property, and takes her phone away, when she was going to her locker to put her phone away because her friend was injured and needed to call her mom, but didn't have a cell phone and didn't know her mom's number, but the student knows the mom's number!!!

    2nd case scenario: A student has 'gang' related clothing and posts it on Instagram or Twitter, or other forms of social media,and gets suspension for it because it said *something* gang when he/s and his/her friends liked something a lot (like maybe food or a certain item or a clothing line) and wanted to show they like it (and gangs are usually affiliated with gold chains right?) So they also wear gold chains but they were supporting a brand or item etc.

    3rd case scenario: a student's pencil fell into her bag and her phone is in the same pocket or whatever where the pencil is now the class had to read a passage and she finished it already, so she is not missing anything, her phone turns on accidentally, and the inside of her bag is dark so she need light and the phone is in her hand, a teacher confiscates it, because she thinks she is using a phone during class, but she's not, every situation has a backstory, just because students are younger doesn't mean they have less rights or are subject to confiscation, just for having a phone in their bag

    Bonus: A student comes out to her friend as LGTB and confesses her attraction to her (female) friend, the teacher hears buzzing and then ringing at the LGTB's students bag, and See's her (sick) friend calling her, not knowing she's in class then reads the text between the two lovers, and thought she was texting during class, when it was last night

    Just because there is texts on her phone doesn't mean she was texting, anyone was texting during class.

  • Schools shouldn't do this!

    My friend once got suspended because of him along with some friends who were all punking this one kid. That kid has done much har outside of school and on the way back home. It is agreeable if schools suspend someone for doing harm while walking home, but not after that. My friend was at the park when this happened. The school has no right what so ever to suspend them. I think the=at would somewhat be an invasion of privacy, having the school get you in trouble for something far after school hours. My school ends at 2:50 pm and my friend would get home at nearly 3:00. After 3:00 why would the school care about anything that's been happening? It's like the same as me trying to get a teacher fired because I saw her yelling at her kid, or if I saw her doing something after school that she wouldn't do at school. COMPLETE BULLSHIT

  • My friend was suspended.

    My friend posted a meme that said "when the retarded kid opens the door to a school shotter" although this is highly offensive, my friend did not use any of the schools computers or tablets. He used his own phone at his own house. He was not at the school not any of the schools functions. This is very wrong in my opinion.

  • The Answer Obviously

    If this was an actual law, students simply wouldn't acknowledge it, they're going to do what they want outside of school regardless of it. Also it's an invasion of privacy, which is something that as an 'American' students have the right to, so it would be cruel to take it.

  • It's not their place!!!

    If you get into something outside of school, the teacher shouldn't even try to interfere, Nor give a consequence!!! Why should anyone get suspended or even kicked out of school because of something that has nothing to do with school. The School rules don't apply at home, once you get off that school bus, your on your own

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  • Should school have influence outside of school

    No they shouldn't.I'll admit that kids my age 12-15 are probably way more likely to harm another student outside of school because there's no one monitor icing them outside however what happens outside of school grounds is none of the schools business in other words why this wouldn't workable first reason why is they didn't see what happened. Say I disliked a school student I could just make up that that school student beat me up outside and the teacher would tell him of for it even though he didn't actually do it.2ndly they have no power outside of school when I'm in school they can boss me around.🙅 fine But the moment I leave you lose that it's like a baby sitter she while she baby sitting can boss me around but the moment she loses that If I meet her in Aida 2 days later and she tells me to go and get the chicken from row 13 I'd tell her to piss off the same logic I believe implies here.

  • Everyone makes mistakes

    Let's say you go to a party and get really drunk and leave the party and walk home next thing you know a cop pulls up and u get arrested jailed for a day when u get back to high school u get suspend for 10 days outside of campus not fair at all

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