Should students get paid for good grades in school?

  • People like money, and we will try hard to get it.

    By paying students to get good grades in school, it can accomplish several things. Firstly, it provides incentive for students to get better grades, behavior, and class conduct. Some may think that if the students are only completing the class material for money, but a good education system would ensure the maximum learning potential in homework, assignments, projects, and classwork, regardless of money incentive. Secondly, if by having the students getting better grades, and overall performing better, then it increases benefits for the school, and society in general. If a school has admirable statistics pertaining to their student output, intelligence, and acheivements, then the school will become a canidade for more programs, grants, and proposals, and become more attractive to teachers, students, parents, and educational businesses. By giving students incentives, and having them perform better, then it makes then into better students because they learn more, and are more likely to become better people. Smart and good people are attractive to colleges, universities, and buisnesses in the future, and can improve society. Thridly, giving students money incentives for good grades, then it will teach them about working hard to get something (because self-motivation isn't the most formed quality present in students...) and the importance of hard work, and how it will pay off. Also, it can teach them to be responsible, and how to handle their cash in a variety of ways, and incereases student satisfaction by knowing the school wants them to do good, rather than making the system seem like a harsh, keep-up-or-fall-behind system of punishments and limited rewards. Plus, if the school makes money, then it offsets the loss of giving the students money in the first place!

    I'm not familiar with the feasibility of this concept (funds, application, demographics...) but I think its a good idea for school districts to work towards. Many students do not realize the value of education, and only attend school because that's what you gotta do. Even if students were given such a superficial reward such as money to get them amped to learn, then it's better than what we have now. Many students today are unwilling to challenge themselves because classes would be too hard, time-consuming, and may not even pay off in the end (college unemployment rates...) and this includes students of all levels. High level students are just as lazy as lower performing students. All in all, people love money and would do anything for a few bucks, so why not exploit that love? What can possibly go wrong...?

  • Then students will want to actually try to get good grades and the statistics of bad grades will lower

    Even if the students don't try at first they would later see that other students are getting paid for their good grades, then they will want to start trying. Students getting paid for good grades will love it and they will try even harder to make it on the honor roll or even straight A's.

  • Need some money

    Students should have a reason to get good grades. Just for getting into a good college is a lot of pressure for kid. It can scare them because then they will think they don't have the ability to get good grades and be hard themselves. This is why we should pay students.

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    Paying students

    The opinion of society about the payment to students is not equal.

    Some people think that students have to study as good as possible in reason to get the proper education, good job and enough money. But the other people think that to pay money to study for their study, it is a good idea.
    The payment for students while improve their work in learning. They will have a good motivation for their studies. The students can spend their money for their hobbies. Teachers and will be proud for their students and teachers.

    If the students will get money, it likely will change their behaviour. They will be more obedient for teacher and parents. If the students will work hard in the school, they would not want to waste their time with the bad people on the street, like drug addicted guys. This reduces the chance of crime for the good students. It will also allow poor kids to learn in the private school. They can have lots of friends. The government will pay to students.The payment for the good studies will allow students from poor families to study in the private school and to get the best education. They can apply for scholarship. I am sure that the payment to students for their study, it is a good idea because Students will have good motivation for their hard work. Their behaviour will improve.
    The young population will become more intelligent and well behaved.

    The society only will win if they accept this idea - to pay students for their good study.
    But where will the money come from? I think that the parents should pay for their kid's education in private school a little more (instead the allowance which they pay to their children). Then the school can pay this difference to students for their good study, and the parents would be happy for their kid's good marks.
    It would be an excellent opportunity for everybody!


    Site: http://www.Debate.Org/opinions/should-students-get-paid-to-go-to-school


  • School is Work for Kids

    The average "good" student must put in many hours of hard work and effort to achieve "good" grades. The average "good" worker must put in many hours of hard work and effort to be considered valuable. I believe that a student that earns good grades should see their hard work pay off based upon the analogy of the real world work environment. The money earned should be used to teach good financial practices.

    I took my son with me to a Dave Massey class so that he would learn the concepts of good financial money management at an early age. My hopes are that he will be able to handle his finances - before he earns real money at a real job. My son currently saves half of his earnings from his good grades. He is an aggressive saver, since this is far more than the savings rate of 20% of earnings suggested by financial planners.

    My son loves "earning" his money. He is allowed the freedom to choose how he wants to spend AFTER he pays his tithes and saves. The grades bolster his self esteem. Along with a few chores, the grades justify me giving him money. The concept of giving an "allowance" bothers me, since I do not want my son to expect me, his father, or anyone else to simply finance his lifestyle. He must learn to work for what he wants.

  • To whom this may concern. Yes I do think that students should get money for good grades.

    I love money and around 100% do to. So maybe parents or carers of these students should pay them for their good grades. They work hard and it motivates students to be better in the outside of their screens eg: Helping elders, dropping off newspapers etc.
    Yea idk y I did this I just wanted to..

  • Students should be paid for good grades

    Most parents care about their student having good grades, they want their kids to be paying attention and getting a good education. Students should be paid for good grades. The three main reasons that students should be paid for grades are it encourages them to work harder at school, students will have a better education, and it helps them maintain good grades.

    First, students should be paid for good grades because it encourages them to work harder at school. According to the text “Should students get paid for good grades?” on Debate.Org, students can’t get good grades if they don’t go to school. This shows that kids will go to school more to get paid for good grades. The article also states that people want money. This means they will do pretty much anything for it. Therefore, paying kids encourages them to work harder.

    Next, kids should get paid for good grades because students will have a better education if their paid. According to the article “5 Reasons to Pay Your Kids for Good Grades” high-achieving students are more likely than other students to earn scholarships when enrolling for college. This shows that they will get better education if they have good grades. In addition, most kids would get higher grades if you give them what they want. Then, they wouldn’t get behind on work and they’d learn more. Therefore, when kids are paid for grades they get better education.

    One final reason that students should be paid for good grades is because it helps them maintain good grades. According to the article “Should Parents Pay if Their Kids Get Good Grades?” motivation comes in many ways, with most students it comes through money. This proves that if students get money for good grades they will want to keep their good grades to get more money. The article also states that if students keep their good grades they won’t get held back. This means they will try their best in classes to keep good grades and be eager to learn. Therefore, students will maintain good grades if they are paid.

    This is an issue on which not everyone agrees. According to the website Debate.Org some people think students should not be paid for good grades because they should want to learn without a reward. They also think that instead of thinking about what they learned they’ll think about the money. However, kids should be paid for good grades because paying students helps them work harder, maintain good grades and have a good education. People get paid to work, most people don’t want to work but they want the money. School is work, therefore, students should be paid for good grades.

  • This teaches students how to handle money

    I've heard an argument that it will make students greedy but i think otherwise. It introduces students to how a job works. You work hard and get paid and once you do that money is yours and whatever you do with that is your decision. It also gives them money to put towards university which is a plus or if they come from a low income family it gives them an extra source of income. Bottom line it's seems like a positive to me

  • People should be rewarded

    If kids are getting good grades, then they should be rewared for their good work in school and money is a good reward for that topic. So In my opinion, kids that get good grades should get money because kids think money is the best reward that could be thought of.

  • Money!!!!!Is da best

    Who doesn't want money the world basically runs on money so whats so bad about giving kids money its just preparing them for the real world .Not to be rude but kids that don't have much money could be really helped by that program ,the money could help them succeed

  • Of course not lol

    Most students will become greedy and spendthrifts. The purpose of being a parent will be lost. The reason why most students are still dependent on their parents is that they don't have money, so once they get money because of getting good grades, most smart students start to be independent at a young age. A reward would be fine, like a small vacation, more food, but no, this is not a good idea.

  • I am a student too.

    I am student, and I feel that good grades should be expected not bribed. Some students are better at school work than others, and it may discourage students if they see that other people are getting money and they are not. It may make then try even less, and it will definitely lower their self esteem.

  • I am a student too.

    I am student, and I feel that good grades should be expected not bribed. Some students are better at school work than others, and it may discourage students if they see that other people are getting money and they are not. It may make then try even less, and it will definitely lower their self esteem.

  • It's an uneven playing field.

    There are two reasons why I think being paid for good grades is a poor idea.

    First, students will just get accustomed to money constantly flowing to them, and not only will they become money-hungry as well as possibly develop laziness, but they will be unprepared for future life when money is more tight, and they won't be responsible spenders, which can lead to a variety of problems from eviction to homelessness.

    Second, the school system, despite its claims, still has uneven playing fields between races. Some students cannot pay tution or aren't as naturally inclined to a subject as others. If they see others receiving more money, will become discouraged and closed off to learning, which can undermine the whole point of the idea. Therefore, no, students should learn the principle that hard work and dedication over multiple years with little reward is the path to success in life.

  • It will make the children greedy for money and think they might get money for doing everything

    This may make the students start to argue with their parents, and this wouldn't be good. The children might then go and spend it on lollies or chocolate or chips which would be a big waste of money (and the children wouldn't be hungry when their next meal comes. This may result in sickness or obesity too.

  • Cash-programs are growing increasingly popular as people are recognizing their good influences on the students.

    Many new and old cash-programs that have been going on for sometime have shown vastly higher results than most would have expected them to. Who doesn't want money, everyone is willing to work their hardest for money. Most people don't go to work because they want to learn more or love their work more than staying alive, they go because they get money for doing good and at work.
    Also, these cash incentives are like a dying hope for low income students, it also allows students that have to get a job to support their families to have another option for a better future than working a part-time job for the rest of their lives.

  • I don't think it's a good idea!

    So much of society is a reward system. I hope that children will learn that doing a good job for a good job's sake builds integrity and pride in what they have accomplished. Too much emphasis is placed on standardized tests that impact not only the children but the poor pressure on the teachers. I have two sons, one- loves school and gives up and above the work needed to do and sometimes struggles but doesn't give up, the other- dislikes school, does limited work and still gets great grades. How discouraging to say because you don't get the highest scores but put it in the "work", you don't deserve an incentive. I would like my children to put in 100% of effort ,which is promoting a good work ethics, and getting A's and B's than the child who puts no effort into it and gets all A's but doesn't care. When is good enough going to be good enough.

  • Should students get paid for good grades in school?

    No, that would take away the whole purpose of education. Students are taught how to get good grades rather than information on the curriculum. Students in the future, when choosing their path in a career choice won't be based on grades but rather what they know. To pay students to get better grades would be supporting this issue. Students will focus on raising their grade point average rather than focusing and learning new facts and information that might be helpful in the future. This would be a really, really bad idea in my opinion

  • They will get paid in other ways

    In my opinion, students should not be able to receive any form of cash payment for getting good grades. At least from the school itself. If the parents wants to give $10/A then that is fine. But who knows what the money will go towards, and students who choose to get good grades will get "payed" in other ways. Such as, getting accepted to very respected college.

  • No, no way.

    No, no no... They should not. Kids should be able to work hard because they want to be a good student, because they want a good career. Not because they wanna earn a few bucks for doing what they are naturally supposed to do. The whole topic is unthinkable... And answered in a big no.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T23:59:40.437
Monetizing scholastic drive and desire through rewards for acedemic performance will more than likely cause a generation of citizens more intent on the accumulation of material wealth rather than intellectual pursuits aimed at innovation, knowledge accumulation, its preservation, and further education.
chaserehmann says2014-11-06T14:50:33.653
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