• Students should get paid

    Students should get paid for all grades

    F=fantastic= $100
    R=racist=$1, 000


    This is how much students should get if they get these grades because they are a correct amount for these grades and students should get paid so they can be better at life than ever before. P. S I have to type random words so i have the right amount of words

  • It’s not right

    It’s not right because your basicly bribing kids to get good grades. What if a B’s the best you can do and you only get money for A’s then that’s not fair because the kid will just give and fail more. 😦😦😦😦😦😦 That’s so unfair to the sibling if one gets lots of spending money and the other dosn’t. I just don’t think that’s right! Sorry if my spellings bad

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