• Pay for school would reduce the drop out rate.

    People would be more likely and motivated to go to school if they were paid to go there. Also, school is like a job; if kids do a lot of work, they deserve to get paid. It doesn't even have to be a lot, maybe just $2. It would encourage help to want to go to school. They could even use the money to save up for collage.

  • Why is this even a debate?

    Students should get money for getting good grades. For example, if you get a 100 % you could receive 100 dollars. But in order to get the money you must have an excellent attendance! So it wouldn't be that easy to receive money! You must have a good record like be a real good kid and not get into trouble and in order for this you cannot get suspended ..

  • It will reduce CRIME and increase success and graduation rates

    It is a known phenom that graduating high school and higher education decreases the liklihood of violent crimes like murder, assault as well as grand theft auto(1) and we stand to gain as a society by paying students to get through high school and even beyond. There are estimates out there evaluating just the cost benefit that can be gained from having students graduate high school and it seems that we save anywhere from $2000-7000 savings for each student who completes high school who wouldn't otherwise. This is only taking into account the criminal savings from people graduating high school. There is also huge financial gains when you look at the fact that high school graduates and obviously college grads are more likely to contribute to the GDP and less likely to rely on social welfare programs. The savings can be fantastic. If the obama administration really wants to push private colleges to drop tuition and to get americans into college he should take state universities and community colleges and allow these schools to actually pay students who graduate within an allotted time period. This doesn't have to be a huge payment just one which would allow people who cant afford tuition and have to work to sustain themselves to go back to college and this would in turn result in more college grads and push private universities to drop costs to retain students who would otherwise goto public universities and colleges. This would be a sustainable win win game plan not just rating schools and hoping that will do something as obama has planned.


  • Yes they should

    I agree because i think it will motivate students to do better in school and encourage them to go more often and also they can use the money for clothes, shoes, computers, books ,journals, any thing they might need for school or for themselves
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  • Of Course we should pay our students, they have to work hard too!

    Yes, you never know what that child wants to do with his or her life and the Nation as a whole says that education is key to this society that we live in today. So if we decide to help these kids out with just a small income while their in school that money could just be used for college to help them financial get to where they want to go with heir lives. Now if the state of Florida decides that they want to try this method is all up to them and we can't control the kids and tell them what they need to spend the money on and what not to but it wouldn't hurt just to try it. One more thing, with these people who are saying that it is cutting out of the school budget, technically it's not even coming from the school unless the school decides to donate money to the students but it's not like we are saying you have to because it's all a donation.

  • I strongly agree

    Students go to school the same amount of time as adult go to work they are in school to learn stuff that will help them in the real world working physically or writing on paper they do as much as any working adult some school should allow minimum wage pay at any school

  • Students shouldn't get paid to go to school. I couldn't disagree more!

    Are we really selfish enough to divest students of the money they deserve?
    Teachers earn around 60k a year!
    What do we get?
    Nothing. Nothing except stress.

    If homework is work then why aren't we getting paid?
    No-one seems to be able to answer my completely logical question. In fact, it seems to aggravate them that we are able to come up with such a rational question that they have no answer to.

    Students are pressured to complete tasks to the best of their ability. We all understand that you cant work efficiently or effectively if you are tired or stressed.
    This money would help us relax. Students would come to school rejuvenated and ready for some learning.

    Not only would students come back to school rejuvenated and ready to learn, they would be able to buy better books. This would mean better schools, better city, smarter Australia!

  • Yes, they should.

    Students should get paid to participate in school because most people don't want to go. If people get paid to attend school more people would want to go and get an education since there was something worth working for. For example, people that end up on the street had no money to pay for college and get a degree since not all parents pay for there kids to get into college. If you get paid in middle school and high school you might have close to enough money and your parents could help with the little bit of money to be paid.

  • They very well should

    School is a child's first job, and for some, the only job. They need to get paid because they're doing a job by doing school work, taking tests, etc. Plus there are some students who will never get to have a real job, so they're wasting there time and not making any money. What if a student suffers from an accident while in school or as a child, in which they become paralyzed or mentally retarded, and they cant work? They just wasted their life in school, making no money, and are now forced to live off the state, which is ignorant.

  • Yes, they should!

    More people would go to school if the costs weren't so high, and not necessarily even getting paid to go to school, but not having to spend so much so that they can save for other things in life. If it is a low income that is provided then maybe they can get paid to go to school to better their life situation. More people would go to school if they were paid to, and I believe those who would get paid to go to school would have to maintain a certain GPA to get paid so that the government or schools have a reason to show for why a student was getting paid for being a student.

  • Of course not

    This is an asinine idea, and it had to come from the students themselves. Going to school is not a job, and rather than students being paid to go, their parents should actually pay more so as to give teachers a better paycheck, which they deserve. School is an attempt to improve the student's life, and should not pay them any more than mechanics training programs pay a mechanic student.

  • Just get to school and get a grip!

    When I was younger, not that I am ancient, there didn't seem to be a choice, my parents would of made sure that I attended or wo betide. Is that the problem parents are they really bothered whether their kids are in school or not. Youngsters should make the most of their schooling days as it's not all "that" once you leave school let me assure them. Why if we reward those that can't be bothered to come to school shouldn't we also reward the ones that DO got to school???

  • Students shouldn't be paid for going to school.

    The students go to school to learn, not to be paid. If you say that this will support them, I will say that they are learning for themselves not for anyone else and if they didn't learn it's their fault and they will lose not us!! When they don't study they affect themselves.

  • Money isn't the real reward.

    Because the knowledge kids get and the self-confidence they nurture is the true reward of going to school instead of getting paid. Come on, please! Students don't always have to be paid for having good grades.That's crazy! Students already have a good life, well some do, but still kids are capable of learning without money

  • I think no

    No. Students should not ,because where would the money come from? The government is already struggling with money. Why make it worse? Plus some of the students don't even go on to college and end up having no job in the future. Why should the school have to waste money on students not willing to try?

  • Bad for the Economy

    If students were paid a reasonable amount (an amount that would be a real incentive and not so small no one would care) for learning (which is a benefit, so why are they being paid to gain knowledge anyway?), say $30 per student every month, my school of 1400 people would still be paying $42000 a month. The government is already struggling economically, so paying a student a lot of money just to learn, which is good for them in the first place, would end up costing millions, if not billions of dollars without a huge benefit--'going to school' does not necessarily involve achieving good grades, so kids might just attend school and achieve grades barely good enough to pass, not learning a lot but wasting lots of money.

    [I'm actually a student, so this isn't from someone who doesn't understand how hard the work is. Just saying.]

  • No, students should not get paid to go to school

    Before stating my answer I would first like to acknowledge that I don't believe students should pay to go to school either. School should be 100% free, with everyone having the opportunity to apply and get accepted into any school.

    With that being said, going to school is necessary to advance yourself in life. Usually this is career driven and going to school for that specific career will ensure higher pay coming out. If students are paid to go to school, there would be absolutely no way to support the institute. Since the majority of Universities rely on student tuition, they would not be able to survive in such an atmosphere. Not being able to afford students would lead to teacher salary cuts and job loss, which would force educators into different industries. It would also limit the amount of schools in general, let alone good schools.

  • No, they should not get paid.

    If students get paid they will focus on getting money for good grades and won't pay attention or focus on school. Plus, you never know when they could be cheating off someone's papers and tests and they could be getting paid for someone else's work. It could cause you to have finance problems. For example, if you have to pay rent and your kid just got all A's you would have to pay the rent and your child might have to wait. Which your child might not want to and get mad and just give up on trying to get good grades if the are gonna have to wait. One more reason if that if you have 2 kids and one of them have a learning disability and can't get good grades. The other one could get all A's so it wouldn't be fair since the one has a disability to learning.

  • N. O. NO.

    Students should not be paid to attend school because it would just cause big conflicts that would include teachers, parents, school boards and the government. There are so many reasons why students shouldn't get paid to attend school. If teachers pay the students to attend school, they lose money so they'll go complain and either get a higher pay from the school board or strike. If the teachers get their higher pays, the school boards pay will be lowered so they complain to the government. Government gives them what they want but lose money so they raise taxes. Taxes rise and parents get mad so problem by problem. One problem solved creates another problem. There are so many reasons why we all know the answer is no.

  • No

    So on top of the shrinking school budgets you want to pay students to go to a free public school? If something like that ever happens and they have less money one year and students don't get paid they'll feel less motivated to go versus the idea that they need an education. Even if the students get paid their parents will be in charge of the money they receive. It makes no difference. The promise of a better future should be a payoff itself.

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Anonymous says2013-03-04T18:48:44.597
i think yes because we do a lot of work
Anonymous says2013-03-05T14:20:47.027
we should because we do hard work and plus we get money and get bribed for better grades
Anonymous says2013-03-06T03:18:15.547
I'm a student and personally think this is the worst idea ever. How are we going to waste money on paying kids to attend when we are firing teachers left and right. So basically what we'll have at the end of the day is a bunch of kids in class thinking about their paycheck for basically doing something they should already be doing with one teacher that can barley afford living on their salary. If kids want incentive, they are already getting free education they should be happy the government doesn't charge them for their education until college.
br says2013-06-26T18:35:40.393
I think that students should get paid because as of right now i'm working part time at burger king just to pay for a stupid paper that I get after I graduate,
And because of all these hours at work its taking time away from my studies which I would rather be spending time on.
I feel like i'm failing because of the lack of time I have for homework/studying I do and all the time i spend sleeping in class its just something that's so hard to control unless I drink a lot of coffee which also costs money everyday.
I'm not saying pay us to go to school but at least make it free don't we pay enough taxes as it is.
rocking_ray1000 says2017-12-13T17:16:41.523
I love dis page it rock like super and i will use it for mer sprech in mer class in mer school
rocking_ray1000 says2017-12-13T17:16:47.030
I love dis page it rock like super and i will use it for mer sprech in mer class in mer school