• Right on dude

    We should totally get paid b/c we work so hard and all we get at the end is a good job. I think we should get something in return. And it would encourage people with bad grades to work harder to get money, b/c every kid wants to get money.

  • Yes of course, student should get reward

    Giving award to student can encourage them to study and work better, and make them to have better self-esteem. So, it is important for adult and the society to recognize their effort and contribution.

    Rewarding to student may make some of them arrogant, but compare with the benefit, it is still important for us to recognize their effort.

  • It's their job to get good grades

    The school and learning is for them selves. Example: MLK. Jr, he was shoot to death or making the America justice system work out right, but what did he get paid for his serve and sacrifice? None, but his influence is permanence. Pay a student for good grades they will stop contributing or society, and go only for profit

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