Should students get the same loan rate as big banks?

  • Yes, students should get the same loan rate as big banks.

    Yes, I believe that students should get the same loan rate as big banks. Though there are decent rules put in place right now for student loans, including no interest and low interest after graduation, these rates still do not compare to the absolutely ridiculously low rate big banks are receiving. Of course big banks need these low rates in order to make money on the money they loan out, but students should be entitled to these same rates. Not only would this be a major help to students, it would also be a major help to our economy, as more students would be able to afford a college education, and be able to pay their loans off easily and start making money, which would be a huge boost to our economy.

  • Yes, students should receive the same loan rates as big banks.

    Yes, students should receive the same loan rates as big banks. Big banks are giving the benefit of low rates under the guise that these institutions are essential for the nation's economic well being. Under the same line of thought, the future of our economy depends on the intellect and creativity of the next generations who are putting themselves through college. While the cost of college continues to rise drastically, the level of support continues to wane and become more difficult to pay off due to fees and interest rates. Allowing students low rates decreases the financial burden of our future generations and ensures the future of our nation's economy is bright just as much as any banking institution ever could.

  • Yes, Students are worth as much as big banks

    Tuition for college is a big burden for most students. Not only do students have to worry about being accepted to a university, they face the problem of paying for it; a process that can take many years. It seems the least we can do is make attending college reasonably affordable. Therefore, students are entitled to a loan rate which is the same as the rate a big bank gets.

  • No, students do not have the same financial credentials as big banks.

    Loan rates are based on one's ability to pay. Big banks have a known risk level. Their assets are known, as is their financial history. Students, on the other hand, are an unknown. They usually have very little money, and their future earning ability and responsibility toward paying their debts is entirely speculative.

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