Should students give themselves their own grades?

  • Self Evaluation in a Sudbury Model Democratic School

    One day I was playing catch with a six year old. Each time he threw, and each time he tried to catch, I "encouraged" him: "Good Job"; "Nice throw"; "Great try." Suddenly, he threw the ball angrily and shouted, "I don't want to play with you any more. You're lying. I threw terribly, it wasn't at all good, and you're a big faker."

    Of course he was right. And I was wrong. It was another valuable lesson for me at school.

    There are no grades at a Sudbury Model Democratic School. Students decide for themselves how to measure their progress. For the most part, they apply harsh standards to their own work, sizing it up against the best models they can find in the outside world.

    And what we gain at school, from self evaluation and our no-grading and no-rating policy, is an atmosphere free of competition among students or battles for adult approval. At a Sudbury Model Democratic School, people help each other all the time. They have no reason not to.

  • Definetely Not !

    No, students will lie about their grades and just give themselves a good grade. Slackers will get by and perfectionists will struggle because they are too hard on themselves. I know because I have gone to school with people like this. This is not a fair way for a school to operate.

  • No no on

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  • We Have Teachers for a Reason

    Students do not have the training to assign grades to themselves, unlike teachers who have at least a Master's degree in their chosen field. Educators know how to teach kids and can assign grades to each pupil based upon their academic progress and learning abilities. If students can give themsevles grades, why have teachers in the first place?

  • No, students should`t give themselves their own grades

    Because students aren`t responsible enough. Also the teacher knows what is the best for the students and he/she is the only one who will evaluate the students in the right way. Moreover, if the students were allowed to give themselves their own grades there will be no equality between students.

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