• Students Should Attend School Year-Round!!!

    Studies show that students lose almost 50% of their learning due to "summer slide". During the summer learning slides out and fun "slides" in. If students attended school year-round, they would still get to have fun and enjoy school breaks, but the breaks would be much shorter and students would get right back to learning.

  • Learning is easiar

    Having school year round helps you focus on education and keeps your mind out of anything inturrupting or unnessesary.Many teachers worry about thier students over the summer,because they tend to forget what they learned.I believe having school year round will benifit us on learning about the things ahead and great.

  • Kids would have a more of a good life then other.

    Kids who stay in school would get a better chance on getting a good job like NASA they are played a lot of money each day and the government.
    Kids could get a job that pays a lot of money or they could get a job that will pay a tiny bit of money if they got a job that pays a tiny bit they could no pay for there family's or they home's they would be on the street asking for job's. That why kid's should stay in school all year.

  • Summer vacation is unrewarding

    First of all, there have been numerous studies that prove over summer, kids lose many of the new skills they have learned over the course of the year. This is known as the summer slide. For example, there is one whole MONTH of learning lost over the summer. Second, there is something called the achievement gap. Students that come from low income families cannot afford summer camps, or pay for extra schooling in the summer. Sometimes, they cannot manage to give their kids three meals a day. Furthermore, most parents work in the summer and struggle to find affordable day care. Third, the current school system was designed for a different time, when kids had to get up early to farm. In fact , the summer break was meant for kids that had to help around the farm in a critical time.

  • Hey Nolan and milica!

    Kids will have more time to do their homework, raising their academic levels and reducing stress and fear of not meeting the dead line....
    Apart from the whole ''SUMMER SLIDE THINGY". In conclusion as a student i suport the idea of year round schooling.
    The "no" side cant defend our exquisite proofing ....So yeah boooom

  • Read this please

    YRE does not mean no summer break, it means MORE SHORTER BREAKS! In YRE you still go to school the same amount of days as in normal schools do, just with shorter school days and more frequent breaks! Stop hating on YRE for not having a summer break you kids!

  • HA, nice try

    Most of the votes "no" were kids and people defined as LAZY.
    We're all thinking it in our heads, "live" at schools with no distractions and have two days on, then one free day
    i as an eighth grade student think this would be GREAT
    much better than the current system

  • Yes year round schooling

    Kids need it so when they grow up they have better time management. Also students lose about 50% of what they yearn in the summer. They would also have sorter school days so they could sleep in. Finally they could see the people that they wouln't see other wise and stop them from getting in trouble by the laws.

  • They should absolutely do it

    Kids should go to school year round because they would learn more and remember more. They would also get more breaks than without school year round and I am a kid and i know that all of the students like breaks more than they like learning in school. I know that kids like to do what they want and with year round schooling they get to do more of what they want because there are more breaks and longer breaks.

  • Say yes to YRE(Year-Round Education)

    This form of education increases educational value of schools, makes greater use of school structures, and gives students more time to learn new things. In addition, students and teachers are able to get more sleep due to shorter school days. Plus, time management skills increase by a huge margin. As you can see, YRE is the best method ( and most beneficial) for America.

  • No students need breaks like everyone else

    Going year round will be drill and kill. We all need to rest and have a good time. Not every one learns in a school envrioment i.E. I go outside during the summer and learn about edibile plants via by book or most of the time going out there with friends and share our knowdlege.

  • Chettos the bomba

    I disagree with the the year -round schooling calendar because students should be able to live their summer the way they want to. Research shows that students who attend year-round schooling have the same performance as those who attend traditional school calander.So why debate over adding extra weeks?????

    -chettos 23

  • Plain unfair people!

    Lets say your parent gets a day off every week, how would they like it if they have to work two weeks then get two days off? Thats just the same with going to school year round. Students need rest time, people! Sure, if you' re obsessed with learning go right ahead. We're not stopping you there. But don't drag the rest of us into something we don't want to do. Students will likely just skip school because they don't agree with the all year thing. And I don't think that will help boost up where we are in the education system.

  • Kids who are home schooled do better!

    Studies show that kids who are home schooled get their work done quicker and do better. Teachers and other unnecessary crap that goes on during just delays getting work done. I'm home schooled. I work for maybe three hours a day, and i can get a whole lesson done in two days, while the school takes at least 3 weeks. It is outrageous.

  • Not a great idea

    It's stupid. I believe (as a student myself) that we wouldn't pay attention because we feel as if we'd always be there even if we have breaks it wouldn't be the same. Multiple breaks aren't a good idea because it'll would mess with peoples schedules way more than having a large break.

  • Kids need a break!!!!!!!

    I myself are a kid and I dislike the idea of going to school year round because that format has less time off, and we need time to relax. The summer time is a nice long time to go outside and play with friends,not to be at school worrying about the 5 page essay you need to write.

  • Bring back summer!

    I believe that students should only go to school during the normal school year, because school can be stressful enough, even on straight-A students. How much can someone take? There are many reasons why school is a good thing, but we deserve a vacation from school! What is your opinion?

  • Heck to the No!!!

    Students need a break so they won't be stressed out and be failing. Students just need a time were they can just have fun and enjoy life. They also need time hang out with family, and do something that's not related with school with you r friends. That's my opinion.

  • Heck to the No!!!

    Students need a break so they won't be stressed out and be failing. Students just need a time were they can just have fun and enjoy life. They also need time hang out with family, and do something that's not related with school with you r friends. That's my opinion.

  • Students should not go to school year-round.

    Part of a young person's learning experience comes not in the classroom, but in outside social interactions with his or her peers. This kind of experience can not be replicated in any structured way, by a teacher, a principle, or a state writing the curriculum standards that their students are to follow.

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HEGGr7ELA says2013-11-13T16:54:44.357

HEGGr7ELA says2013-11-13T16:57:21.933
I think that we should have year round schooling because kids need a better education however only certian kids who need the help should have the year round schooling and kids who dont need help shoulndnt because it wont be fair to kids who dont need the help.I want year round schooling for kids because i want a better future and im pretty much sure other kids want a better future to
HEGGr7ELA says2013-11-13T16:57:54.023
I believe that we should no have year round schools because you can stress out students andwe need a break and it would cause a major buget lost to run the schools.Year round schools are a bad idea also because teachers and students need time to relax,Over all year round schools are a bad idea.
HEGGr7ELA says2013-11-13T17:52:21.987
I agree with amy4evamore.Because she has a great point and also alot of kids are not passing this year -jessicarocks