• Sounds fair enough

    If a system of reviewing teachers for consultative purposes somehow could be implemented, then why not?

    After all, there are teachers who don't do a very good job, who don't care that much, who don't do what they're meant to do and really just force themselves to work, pitying everything and everyone, only for the purpose of getting paid.

    With this said, I don't believe students' grading should play any formal role, but rather serve as advisory in public schools. The bad apples better be replaced with fresher ones, so if teachers happen to constantly receive "F" from the absolute majority, the school leadership has something to look at to improve the quality of education.

  • Yes is school

    Teachers need to know if there best at there job and can they improve many teaches told us we learn from each other how can they learn from us if we are not allowed to give feedback to the teachers also evan if some kids make a joke you can only accept the good one

  • Accountability for All

    Teachers need accountability also. Students can provide valuable feedback to teachers in order to inform instruction and teaching style. Teachers may become too comfortable with the way they have been teaching and therefore, not reflect changes in students' preferences and needs from one year to the next or across generations.

  • Some kids would make it a joke.

    Yes, there are kids who would take it seriously an give teachers valuable feedback, but then there are the kids who would abuse the system and give teachers all F's just for the fun of it, or because that teacher gave them a bad grade. It's a wonderful idea, but I don't think it would quite work out.

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