• Phones rock in class

    Phones should be allowed, for they are apart of our life were going to be addicted to them. So its better to just allow them in school so it doesn't become a bigger problem. That and a phone can be really handy to have on hand in case of a crisis like a shooting so you can call the police or an allergic reaction so you can just call like that to the hospital. So phones are useful in many situations. Along with doing research for a paper when Internets down.

  • I agree with the above section...

    Cell phones are needed and without them kids will maybe be distracted but could call others in the heat of a crisis. Without phones a whole school could be shot down and no one will know about it fast enough to help. Don`t threaten kids lives let them have there phones!

  • School is to get an Education

    If you want to play on your phone, or text friends during class time, then you aren't learning anything, your friends aren't learning anything, and you're wasting the teachers time, and you're wasting the whole countries time. Why? Because tax payers across the country pay for public schools. At the very least, shut off your phone when you're in class.

  • I say kids should not have cellphones in class

    Kids should not have cellphones in class because that is a distraction . Phones are for adults not for us kids because adults know how to use and control the use of the phone. When kids have phones they wanna be on it all day that is not good. I really always want to have a phone but my parents said not until i am 15. And know i know why they said that because cellphones are not for kids

  • Unless its needed

    If they are needed for the lesson then i think its ok. However, Otherwise it will nothing but a distraction. When there is a subject they dont like, The pull of an online game, Texting, Whatsapp or whatever will prove too hard to resist. Now i think they should be allowed them during breaks as thats their time but the class is learning time.
    We aren't allowed our phones on us during our work as we are supposed to be working. . . Not going online.

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