Should students have fast food options at school?

  • Hi I'm a little girl named peanut butter and my brothers name is jelly

    What is your opinion about it? Do you want this food as your lunch or not? What do you think is best for other kids in your school. I have a very clear opinion about it and I like word play, so I'd start with something like: Welcome to my essay, can I take your opinion please? I'm ready to supersize my ideas...Because they're worth it. Can I have Big Mac, largest Fries, and a diet coke please... Obese, lethargic, unhealthy, and lazy. But, that's me. What's your voice say? This essay is going to be about comparing and contrasting the desert biome and the taiga biome. The desert biome is really hot, dry, and sandy. The taiga biome is the cold biome with a snowy winter, and a cool summer. The taiga is very white in color; this means it is very light so it doesn’t have lots of different colors. The desert is very yellow or orange; so it is very light in color and hot!!!In both biomes there are a lot of similarities. In both biomes they are in the mid to high latitudes. In both biomes there is precipitation; they have less than 20in. Of rain per year. They have mineral content in their soil. In both of the biomes the desert and the taiga have a least a little bit of trees. The desert and the taiga each have animals that are both rodents, and some birds.In the taiga biome they are in the mid to high latitudes; and it’s also very cold and snowy. This biome has a least 20in. Of precipitation annually. The taigas soil is acidic, mineral poor, and decayed pin and spruce needles on top. The plants are mostly conifers; so that means that they were spruces, pine, and firs.

  • Students have not yet developed the nessesary self control to take full responsibility for their own healthy diet.

    Our society is dealing with a massive obesity epidemic. Bad eating habits are formed in the early years and persist into adulthood, significantly lowering the quality of life of many people.

    Teens should be given a variety of healthy and nutritious options to select from at school. Not junk food!


    Mmm...Everyone loves fast food. McDonalds, KFC, you name it. It’s cheap, delicious and fast. Schools have been considering to put fast food as an option at lunch for their students, but is it really worth it? McDonalds can lead you to illness - and maybe kill you! I think we shouldn’t have fast food as an option for lunch! It’s not healthy and schools should offer good, healthy food.

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