Should Students Have Freedom of Expression Online?

Asked by: honasababa
  • Freedom of speech

    The first amendement gives the right to freedom of speech. This is also applied to children. To not allow the children to speak on the internet for a reason like they may "hurt other people" is proposterous. There is hate speech going on all the time, on-line and off-line. Although this is a problem, the solution is not to stop people from talking as they wish.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Everybody has freedom of speech, it's a human right. That shouldn't be any different online. We all have a right to express our opinions, and if we want to do it online, so be it.

    If they are 'not mature enough', they won't be mature enough in real life either. If they might bully online, they might bully offline too. And there are several laws which will apply to any cyber-bullying committed.

  • First amendment rights

    We all have the freedom of speech. We encode messages all the time to others and it is how they decode and interpret the message. Thanks to our founding fathers we have the freedom to say as we please, freedom of speech is one of our human rights and it should not be denied.

  • They Are Not Mature Enough

    I think that students are not mature enough. Some students, accidentally and on purpose, hurt other people. This has lead to many horrible things, such as suicide. Maybe when they are more adult mature, like in college, they can have Freedom of Expression Online. By then, they might most probably be over the childish things, such as posting things about someone when they know that the person won't like it.

  • To Decha james

    Over 85% of students are go along and following the rule from the school.Because we should make a good way for them to be a good person in the future. A reasons why an adult make a rule because it will make a student learn and have a new experience for them.

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