Should students have homework assignments every night?

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  • We should have homework every night!

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  • Yes just limit the amount

    Students should have homework every night that they went to school. Homework is designed to ensure the student grasps what they learned in school that day. I don't believe in assigning a lot of homework but some is needed each night for learning properly. 15 minutes per class is reasonable.

  • Students should have homework assignments every night.

    It is important for students to have good discipline. If they go a long time without any school work they will get lazy and they'll stop working hard. Kids should have some kind of an assignment every day, even if it is not very difficult, just to keep them on their feet.

  • Students Shouldn't Have Homework Everyday

    Students can have Homework but I don't think it should be everyday. I think Student need to get a reasonable amount of Homework Each Week. And, I think that way is better because, Students will get to have way more time to finish their Homework and improve it if they want to.

  • I say no

    Because of after school activitys such as volleyball softball cheer foot ball and track because some kids are too busy and don't have enough time to do the assignment ,but you still should get homework just not everyday. To much home work may cause stress and anxiety coming from someone who is in many activitys and gets home around 9 o;clock every night i dont want to stay up till 11 to get the work done


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  • I say yes

    Because when you do homework it boosts your skills and enhancement to learning grows bigger so that's why I say yes because first of all children need to have a better tomorrow and a good and healthy brain when they grow up and have their own responsibilities in good life

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  • We should not have homework

    People need time with others. Imagine spending six or seven hours at school only to tackle more work until they sleep. Staying inside all the time and doing this for years will show when a kid has many social issues
    Parents these day usually don't spend enough time with there children because of work. Making homework harder than ever.

  • Students' Will Loose ENERGY!

    If students are assigned homework every night, they will loose all of their energy! For an example, let's say that your Science teacher has just assigned you a very important project on the subject of Radiation. Now, keep in mind that you have other subjects to work on. So you would be up all night finishing homework, and not get enough sleep.

  • Homework is not good 4 u!!

    Home work is not even supposed to be here! Homework was invented as a punishment for students. It causes stress and limits family time. They already have 7 hours in the class. (1 hour for recess and lunch) I think that 7 hours is MORE than enough to learn a lot. The teachers should at least at the end of the day, give them some time to finish their homework! A lot of kids have stuff to do at home. Even if they don't, they still need family time.
    I mean, the school day already takes 8 hours, so seriously, why do we have homework?

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