• Students should be given acces

    1. Students need school access to the Internet because computers and the price for Internet service can sometimes be too costly for a family
    2. In the technology filled society that studnets
    will have to embark on, they will have to know many skills on how to best utilize a computer and the Internet.
    3.The web also provides many more learning opportunities and prepares us students for high school and the real world.

  • The Internet is very important to students!

    Most schools now use online teaching commonly, and students who are behind in their work will need to use the internet to find what they are supposed to be doing and be able to complete their work. The internet can also be used for student's communication, which can also help them become closer to other students.

  • Yes because it will help alot

    Students should be able to have free internet because some students are struggling with their homework and some of them docent have internet at home but they have homework that they assign online and then they get detention or they take away their luch just because they dint do their homework so that is why they should have free internet now they dont need a very fast one jus one that they could at least do thier hmework. :)

  • Students should have supervised internet access

    The internet is a huge provider of information and entertainment. Many students use it to do homework or research as well as to communicate with their peers. Internet access is a necessity for many students, but should not be unlimited. Younger children need supervision, or at least time limits, and older ones need to be aware that there are things they should not see or read (even if they want to).

  • Yes, the internet contains as much good as it does bad.

    The internet contains a wealth of knowledge, which all students should have a right to access. That being said, responsible use of the internet should be an idea that is engrained in those same students. It should still be mandatory for each individual to get the experience of learning information from books and other sources, as I find that a well-rounded education requires that sort of versatility.

  • Internet is very bad

    Because it is. So yeah it wastes peoples time and it prevents people from planning for the future and it also has anime so anime wastes peoples time because it gives people seizures and it has youtube which also wastes peoples time because people watch people gaming and it is very useless.

  • Inappropriate sites can be bad for young viewers

    At least 33% of websites contain bad words, inappropriate comments, or stalkers. Many websites also contain viruses, which can destroy files & hard drives. Even if you think websites can be safe, there can be downloads and spam email that contain viruses. Finally, many websites may contain inappropriate content such as nude photos.

  • Bad topic for all

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