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  • Yes we should

    Bcuz uhm they help us increse our education and learning and we could learn better with computers and not fail and wont lose our work unless you loses your computer. We will learn better than any one . These people drunk. Give the immagrints papers. And we shouold keep computers and not use them for bad stuff

  • Kids should have laptops for school.

    It is easier for kids to learn and get some research on projects and writing. It is a great way of learning. Teachers then have an easier job of teaching the kids and if the kids don't get a question they can get help from the Internet. That is why I agree that kids should have lab tops at school.

  • Homework is not bad

    In Australia, the entire students always have their homework after school. It is a familiar concept to them. On the earth, every thing always has two sides are good side and bad side but you have to realize the thing you about to do much more benefit or much more harm for you. Today, lots of students feel lazy to do their homework, as they still could not realize the useful of homework but only feel tired when they have to do it. In my opinion, homework is good in many ways.

    Firstly, let ask yourself a question: “are you smart enough to remember all of the things which you have learnt in your school without practice at home by homework". I am sure about 90 percent of the people who read this draft would give the answers are "no". I know homework tiring you sometime but it will give you a great help for your study. Many students think that homework is good for nothing. They only look at the bad side of homework at present but they do not think about what they can get in the future. Anyway, let be happily agree with the idea homework is good because it is certainly necessary for you

    Secondly, Plenty of the students said that homework is such a waste of time. In fact, they are completely wrong. Homework is absolutely a use of time. Nowadays, almost students seem do not need to do lots of housework for their family or doing others thing to help their family so they have lots of free time. If not doing homework, just sitting around and playing games you will forget what you learnt in school. It will not get you anywhere in school, probably for your life as well. Doing homework is an easy way to help you improve your knowledge and get a job later on.

  • Of Course We Should

    Computers open a new chapter in one's life by enhancing his/ her skills in many areas, so when it is time to find a job they have more options to turn to. It also makes classes more interactive and connected to every day life. Others should definetley support having computers in school because it's improving our skills to help us in future situations.

  • Textbooks get messed up

    In college they let you take laptops to your classes and also if you use a textbook they end up getting torn ripped and wrote in so that is why laptops are better to use rather than textbooks. So there for I believe that using laptops are better and for another reason textbooks cost a lot more than a laptop does

  • Students having a laptop computer would help the environment and keep students occupied.

    I believe that students should have laptops because it will save trees and help our environment. Students will be able to complete all of their work on the computer, and when they are done working they will have something to entertain them. While there should be certain regulations in place, I think laptops are a great idea.

  • Yes because it helps!

    With laptops, it is easier. Typing is not that big of a deal and hand-cramps don't get in the way! It is faster to type that writing too. Also, with a laptop, you will be much more organized. It is also easy to keep and hard to lose. My last and final reason is that many kids cannot spell very well. With spell check on the computer, it will help them correct their spelling. It has definitely helped me many times. Thank you for reading about my opinion.

  • Computers are going to an integral part of society in our children's future; we can't deny this.

    Here in Australia all high school students are issued laptop computers which are used for all subjects. Computers are here to stay and will be an integral part of all our children's future, be it for work or for their general daily lives. Schools can put blocks in place to ensure they don't visit inappropriate websites.

  • As long as they don't play Angry Birds all day.

    We can't have our kids so far behind in doing the jobs of today and the jobs of the future, kids should be able to use laptops in school. Now that doesn't mean sitting in class and playing Angry Birds all day while the teacher takes a nap, but rather using laptops to help kids learn at a higher and faster rate than in the past.

  • It depends

    Personally, I would love to be able to bring a laptop to school, much less have one. However, I have seen very good arguments in the "I'm AGAINST it!" section, coming from people such as Abylay, Hidell, and Mackenzie, and I agree with them. So, I would like to present argument FOR and AGAINST.

    Laptops give students the insurmountable (nearly) ability to organize their homework and study information, which, knowing with personal experience, is extremely helpful in situations where everything is spilling out of your folder or binder. And for those with OCD, they would give anything (Figuratively, Thank You) to have this ability. Also, about that spell check which "gives all opportunity to make you lazier (Abylay)", that is only true for auto-correct, which in that case I agree, but for the programs which only notify and not correct, that statement is false.

    As many people know, laptops are extremely fragile and may break easily, excluding computers designed to be sturdy and unbreakable, which are considerably rare. Also, a student might be able to hack into a school internet database (given they have the experience and right tools) and shut it down, even potentially damaging a school reputation. Lastly, although this is only a problem with schools the REQUIRE laptops, they are very costly, which also stems into them being easily broken.

    As I have stated, the laptop argument can tip into either scale, but remember, they are and excellent organizing and study tool, but are easily malleable and, without precautions, can destroy a school network and/or reputation (Not the laptop itself, but the owner, or even another student/teacher).

  • BOO!

    What will happen to teachers? Will they just sit around and send the children's assignments to them, instead of teaching? Also, the money should be going somewhere else in another educational way. Not towards laptops. I know when I'm on my laptop I always want to get on Facebook or Twitter. Will the kids? Cheating online is common enough. Just handing them a laptop is giving them the answers already. I support the NO group 100% percent.

  • Not A Good Idea

    No, students should not have laptops in school. Kids will always be kids and there is no way one teacher can control what thirty kids are doing on laptops for an hour. Even though it sounds like a very good idea, most students would probably be trying to see which internet sites they could access instead of spending the hour on classwork.

  • Laptops don't Teach, they Inform!

    Laptops are a great tool for learning, but effective teaching can only be accomplished by a teacher who is able to interact and reason with a student. A laptop cannot understand the intent of a student's answer, only knowing that it's wrong. A teacher can interpret where a student is having difficulty and address the need appropriately. Also, no matter how many guidelines and filters you apply, the kids today are smart enough to get around them and abuse the laptop in the classroom. I see it every day!

  • Laptops are a distraction to students and will not expand their learning capabilities.

    Kids will get bored during a lecture and would rather open up a blank text program and start typing random things while the teacher is talking. When the teacher is lecturing, it will be even harder for students to hear what the instructor is saying, because laptop keyboards will be clicking and clacking. Besides being distracted, a laptop is a hassle. The cooling fan will run up and cause distraction and weak batteries will also be a problem. People made it out of school without computers and google, the future kids should be able to do so too.

  • Laptop not needed !

    Laptop and tablets are not needed for students. Earlier, even when there were no such facilities people studied and shined in various aspects of their lives. My suggestion is that teachers must sculpt us with the weapon of education and make us successful persons in our life.

    Students may indulge in social networks like Facebook and Twitter if provided with a laptop. Their writing and language skills may be affected. Their eyes may get spoiled of always looking at laptops and tablets. Learning with books is always better.

  • The laptops shouldn't provided to students.

    I disagree with this suggestion, because of 4 following reasons below.

    It is not bad to get the education at the same time with using technologies. But the problem is that not all the students are really using laptops for their learning. Lots of people don’t really like to study. They may want to play some games. And what can be their hobby? They can’t miss the computer games. So students won’t really use the laptops for their learning.

    There are lots of reasons why students are going to edtech or to vice principal. One of reason is that because they played games in class and installed bad stuffs on the school laptop. That is actually what students really want to do when they get the laptop.

    And the other reason can be that students who weren’t responsible for the school laptops. It costs a lot to fix the broken laptop. So if the school doesn’t support the laptop computers, the trouble for students will decrease.

    Also, we should know that the laptops that are using in ISB are very expensive. That can be a one of reason why the school expense is expensive. Some people can’t come to ISB because of the amount of school expense.

    Thank you.

  • NO LAPTOPS AT All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kids could damage the laptop, and make the school pay for it. They could also not pay attention. I know when I'm on my computer I just to play games. !!!!! They are just going to be on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook !!!!!!! The teachers will be usless because they wouldn't be teaching anything !!!!!!!!! Finally, laptops cost more than textbooks!!!!!!!

  • No.

    Computers are ideal for students to have in the classroom or library, but to entrust a student to manage a laptop is just asking for trouble. It would be both easier AND cheaper to supply students with USB thumb drives so they can store assignments and reference materials and keep them with them.

  • It is a distraction and it is expensive.

    A teacher cannot monitor what their students are constantly doing on their laptop/s. He/She are still only one person. Another thing to consider is the cost. Not all families are able to afford laptops, they are expensive! The cheapest price you can buy a laptop is at $500. And that is still expensive! Some students might not be able to afford this and may be subjected to jealously and bullying. I have experienced this a lot at my school.

  • Laptops at school should not be supported.

    Students at school don't always pat attention. They would play games, etc. Laptops distract children from learning properly, and spoils their eyes. They also become less creative, imaginative, and lose their handwriting skills. They would open Facebook, twitter, and other sites that aren't necessary. In the old days, people were fine without technology at school. We would learn better and concentrate harder on the teacher rather than using laptops while we should be doing work. We don't show our talents as much either. We use laptops for things that we should be able to do by ourselves. We use calculators for basic math, text a person who's just across the room, and we might not be able to solve future situations if we keep on relying on technology.

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