• No homework, doing an argument on this is Comm arts class. This is what I have so far.

    Students should not receive homework. Students should not get homework.
    Homework causes many things that can be hurtful to a student. Studies show that students need less homework or no homework at all. Homework causes stress, loss of sleep, bad grades and takes away time from being social.

    Homework stresses students. Too much homework causes children stress. Stress can lead to lack of sleep,slipping grades,unhealthy eating, and depression. Kids often have mental breakdowns because of homework. Kids don't get enough sleep. 80% of teens don't get the recommended amount of sleep, 28% fall asleep at schools, and 22% fall asleep doing homework. Kids having a lot of homework can lead them to lack in socialization.

    Homework takes time away. Students don't only not get enough sleep they don't have time to socialize with friends and family Homework for middle schoolers takes about one hour, while in highschool it is 3 and a half hours of homework. Homework takes away time from sports. If you are assigned hours of homework and you participate in sports. You stress over not finishing your homework in time. Homework strains relationships with friends and family. The more time you spend on homework the less time you have to spend with family and friends.There are many pros but there can be cons.
    You could argue that homework is important. You could say that homework helps improve class work. They need. That could result into a student falling asleep in class.
    Also homework could help prepare you for a test. This may be true but statistics prove that if a student spends too much time on homework they are more likely to fail the test.
    Therefore, you should not be assigned homework.

    Students should not receive homework. Homework stresses students. Homework causes 80% of students to not get the recommended amount of sleep. Homework takes away time to socialize with family and friends. Homework causes stress, loss of sleep, bad grades and takes away from being social.

    If you are writing a paper I hope my information helps you.

  • Students need less homework.

    Students struggle at nighttime and it interrupts with their sleep. Its hard for kids to function during the school day if they don't have enough time to sleep at night. I argue that children should have less homework because the more time they have to sleep the better they have education.

  • Student athlete who is hating the amount I'm given as a senior to handle

    The national average GPA for student athletes is 2.99, the average GPA for students in no extracurriculars is 3.31. Not a major difference for everything the students in extracurricular activities have to do while the other students sit at home with hours of free time, but a noticeable difference all the same.
    Many people argue that students in sports should not have less homework or delayed due dates due to the fact that they chose to be in those sports. However according to the Los Angeles Times, a student spends an average of 3.5 hours on homework a day. Adding practice (2-3 hours a day) and getting out of school at 3:15pm. With Practice usually starting on the hour or half hour at 3:30 to 4pm. You would be done with practices from 6 to 7pm. Assuming that the athlete does the homework in the 3.5 hours. They would get to bed at 9:30 to 10:30, that is not including the time to travel between school and home and practice, showering, or dinner. According to USATODAY.Com, the average student’s alarm goes off at 6:30. Meaning the student would get a mere 8 hours of sleep compared to the 9 to 10 deemed healthy for 14 to 17 year olds. A student in these activities cannot be expected to do this daily and have a healthy result, especially considering game or performance nights where you typically arrive home from 10 to midnight. Could a teacher reasonably expect the student to stay up till 3:30 am on a school night to finish homework especially after expelling all their effort in a game/performance?
    -rant from a senior in volleyball, cheerleading, track, the school play and musical, and show choir.

  • Students should have less homwork

    Students should have less homework because we need to study more at extra class and do housework help mom and dad. If students have less homework, students have more time with family and a head don't explode. Finally, I agree students should have less homework because have time to play.

  • Less homework please

    I'm an 8th grade student. I like school, but i like to do other things as well, like running and hanging out with my friends. As I get older, I'm finding that I'm having less and less time to do anything that I enjoy outside of school. My life is being consumed by school. While some homework is necessary to help with learning, much of the homework students are required to do is nothing more than a waste of they're time. Like coloring. I know how to color, but last night I had 3 hours of coloring homework. (I speak the truth) PLZ LESS HOMEWORK I HAVE A LIFE!

  • Less is more

    We do not have the time for that much homework. Every kid likes to do sports or play an instrument. For example, I play tennis and I like to play guitar. I also like drawing but when I have to do too much homework (what happens all the time) I do not have time to practice guitar. And you can say that there is not too much homework and I should plan better but every child makes homework in another way. One person learns faster than another person. Oh and I wrote down that less is more because if we have less homework we have more time to finish it so we can concentrate better and get higher grades :)

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  • Sack a nipu

    Students have too much homework during these times. The large amount of homework places stress on the students and can cause families to argue with their children and it will ruin the day or even sometimes the week for the family. Other times students will stay up too late at night doing homework for school the next day causing them to miss problems on the homework and not be able to be focused at school the next day due to the lack of sleep.Students already spend 7-8 hours of the day sitting at a desk learning. Then the teachers give them a lot of homework expecting them to go home and spend three or four hours on the homework. Middle school students get out of school at four and depending on where they live the bus drive time takes away more time. Some students will get home at 5, if they have three or four hours of homework they would have to start right away and would not be done until 9. Some students will spend more than three or four hours due to the difficulty of the work. For these reasons I think students should have less homework

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  • Students should have less homework!

    Some kids think there going to be crazy about the same amount of homework, but if they have less they don't have to worry about it. They also have time to do a family thing like getting out together with there family and having a picnic or something like that.

  • Kids should NOT have less homework.

    If kids have less homework, they will loose brain cells which means, loosing memory. Life will be really harder if you don't get homework. Ive wrote a whole page about kids should not have less homework. If they get less homework, the childrens' brains will not process correctly which is a very big problem.

  • Homework is Important

    I believe homework is very important because it helps students reinforce the information they are learning in class and it also helps students foster a sense of responsibility. Responsibility is becoming more and more important in the real world and students often under estimate the importance of it. I believe refusing to do homework is the first sign that a person may have problems in the adult world.

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  • We should have more homework

    We need to have more homework because it is nice for our brains and we get to solve problems and do reading comprehension and have fun. I love homework so much that I love it. Homework is fun. I love homework so much that I like it. Homework is good for us and our brains. It is nice for my brain. We get to go have fun. #more homework please!

  • Students should have less homework!!!

    Too much homework can cause stress in a student and lead to health issues in the body and mind. Homework related anxiety and stress can affect school work negatively. Stress causes lack of sleep, slipping grades, fatigue, unhealthy eating habits, depression, and many more factors. According to a 2006 poll, 80 percent of teens don’t get the recommended amount of sleep. At least 28 percent fall asleep in school and 22 percent fall asleep doing homework(‘Summary Findings of the 2006 Sleep in America Poll’, www.nationalsleepfoundation,org). In the film Race to Nowhere, the people working on the film interview multiple students and many of them talk about having nervous breakdowns or being very stressed; some even talked about getting depressed because of all the homework in school and depression can even lead to suicide. Nervous breakdowns can make completing homework much more of a struggle and also effect the health and life of a studen

  • School is stressful

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  • They should have more homework(same amount as before,so it's better to not have less).

    Homework is necessary.You know that you still have to do he same work the next day.So either way you would get that homework.This means that you will have less lessons to learn about because you are doing the work next day not last night/yesterday.On top of that you still have to take up the work!I disagree to the people who say yes but how would you feel if you didn't learn a lot that year.Having less lessons could or possibly even mean that you will have summer school.If you didn't,as you get older you will need a job.But HOW WILL YOU EVEN GET ONE IF YOU DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THAT MUCH KNOWLEDGE!Look the teachers aren't giving you homework because they're lazy,mean.Etc.They are doing that so once you're in the real world,you are prepared.

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  • Student-Athletes Main Priority Should be School

    Students are in school to learn. When they take on anything else, athletics, student council, National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, etc., it should be considered extra. Students aren't forced into these activities, they take them on on top of work in school. Students still need to be able to meet expectations within school.

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