• It should be longer

    So we can be come smart and know a lot of the stuff that are teacher tells us like what is 2+2=4 so are moms don"t yell at us for not paying bills because what the point of that I men come on get a job you hobo read this hobos

  • They should because,

    They are off task a lot and so they do not get all their work done and with more time not only can they have more time to get their work done they also have more time to cover new material. Which over time can also help the students get a better education for a better job.

  • School is fun

    I think school is fun because that the only way you get after school activities and you meet new friend and you get smarter and education is important to the future. This is why I think school is fun. So I hope you like my idea and join me along.

  • Yes, it should

    If school was eight hours long it would give students, such as myself, in middle school, and other schools, more time to learn. I think if they did thought that they should get rid of homework because the extra time spent in school is about the time it takes for a kid to finish the homework. It would also be a chance for a student that is having trouble in some classes could have more of a chance to ask for help.

  • Yes, I agree

    Longer school days will help students in school. U.S students are falling behind in the world academically. We are probably in the 28th place. This is why we need longer school days. I STRONGLY believe this. We look like a really stupid country right now. Do you want to live in a stupid country?

  • It's about education

    By having longer days in school, we are maximizing the opportunity students have to learn. There is a reason that the US is so behind in education, and the reason is because we, as a nation, have decided to turn education into a debate about fairness rather than a debate about what works. In other nations, teachers get paid based on student performance, something that should have long ago been implemented in the US. When we truly place students first, we are stating that we are willing to do what's necessary to make sure they learn and can perform competently in life. Reduce the homework load, and give students more one-on-one time to learn with their instructors.

  • One two three

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  • Schools are falling far behind global standards.

    First, Let us get teachers out of the way. Hiring teachers will cost more, So of course, Heavily increasing the education budget should fix things, As well as any other costs.

    Now. Students do not spend too log at school. 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, With multiple holidays. These is problematic, As a student may lose knowledge over the course of the holidays. It can also be noted that school days average roughly 180 per year. Only 50 percent of a year!

    First of all, 6 hours is petty. 11 hours is long, And provides plenty of time to learn, With two short 10 minute breaks for a snack, And three 20 minute breaks for longer meals, Strictly for nothing except eating. This gives plenty of time for students to be nourished, But also time to learn.

    Weekends themselves are an outdated idea created for the times of long ago, When children needed to stay home and help their parents tend to the farm. Obviously, Times have changed. Sundays and Saturdays must go, Although every fortnight, There school should be no longer than 8, To provide students some chance to have a break.

    Holidays should be kept to a minimum, To allow time for national holidays. With these increased hours, It is obvious that a student will not have as much time for homework (nor will there be a need for any). There should be some flexibility to allow students to have days off, But there should be no less than 310 days of school attendance.

    Homework should be prevented for students on any average day, Except for fortnightly weekend school days, Where homework should be at least 1 and a half hours long.

    Clearly, These expectations are strict. However, Nations such as Japan and China have extremely strict schedules that have allowed for enormous academic growth in their children. If these ideas are implemented here, Nothing will be able to stop children from unlocking their full potential.

  • For the sake of our nation's future.

    If one is to sleep 10 hours, children can have 4 hours to eat, get ready, travel, have a bit of free time and have 10 hours for school. Homework is not needed as it is unhelpful without the guidance of teachers, as well as the now longer school hours. These 10 hours should have 10 minute breaks every 2 or 3 hours, primarily for eating and basic socialisation. The times can be from 8am to 6pm.

    Weekends are outdated and unsuitable for the modern era, so it should be cancelled for all grade and high schools.This may be tough on younger kids however, so they should have just 6 hour school days as usual on all 7 days. This should help boost learning to a point where other nations will struggle to catch up.

    School holidays should be restricted to just 4 weeks during Christmas, and several days for other major holidays such as Easter and Thanksgiving. Obviously, a bit more flexibility should be given to families if they must pull their kids out of school.

    During later high school years, hours can be shortened to allow for studying in preparation of university.

  • No not at all

    There is not enough time in the day as is and having more school days would put to much stress on kids . Where does the quality time come in with family and friends . Kids need time to relax and hang out , play sport or do hobbies... Not everything is about learning ...Sometimes kids need time out just like adults....

  • Oh Heck naw

    We should not have longer school days because teachers are mean and i really really really do not want to stay with them an extra day. Also i really need to use the bathroom (#2) and i am never going to use the school bathrooms. EVER. I would rather stay home and play cod. ROSARIO OUT

  • Never so I think No

    School is long enough. Plus people have to have time to do other activities like sports and art class! If kids have longer school days they might have to stay for dinner and that is because the school might extend the school days for a couple hours to extend the periods of the classes. Plus schools so al, of u greens..... ITS NOT ONLY ABOUT SCHOOL rolls eyes

  • Never! No! Why?

    If students have longer school days, it can affect after school classes. It can also decrease self motivation! Also students need stamina. Enough energy to get through the class. It can also affect friendships with friends out of school. So I am against having a longer school day! And I'm a 5th grader!

  • No it shouldn't!

    I'm a high school student myself, I am at school for 6 hours a day, plus the 1 hour it takes me to travel to and fro and the 2-3 hours of work I have after school, and so in total I spend about 9-10 hours a day doing school related things. If school hours were to be extended I would find myself going to bed later in order to complete (increased) homework and still waking up at the same time. And frankly, that would mean I would be even more exhausted and stressed than I already am.

  • No, they're good where they are

    Any additional time added to school days is asking an even longer commitment from students to care about things that in most cases they don't, it wouldn't be time well utilized. All that would increase with longer schooldays is how much of the day students spend starting at the clock.

  • No way, it's long enough.

    When I was home schooled, I was outsourced, and had classes 2 days a week, from 8-12:30, this was plenty of time. (And yes, I had a social life) We covered 4 classes and did more work in a week, than what public schooled kids were doing in the same time. Now I go to a private school and I am there for 7 hours, and we definitely take things slower, and yet manage to not understand them completely sometimes. Ladies and Gentlemen, the key to learning is good teachers who want their students to understand and grasp the information they are teaching. It is also acknowledging that kids have different 'learning types'. For example, I am a visual learner, so just reading out of a book, is harder for me to understand. If you want kids to succeed in learning, I think we need to not have schools that only cater to the most common type of learning, but have schools take the time to actually teach kids that will be our future and leaders one day.

  • School is already 7 hours long.

    School does not need to be any longer than it is right now. School is already 7 hours long! 7 hours is a very long time.Students need to spend more time with their family because they start at 8 and don't get to see their family untill 3. And then have to go to bed in a couple hours

  • After School Activities

    Students in elementary school and high school, but mainly the older grades, usually go home, only to continue school work. From experience with my daughter in grade 8, she already does over 2 hours of homework after school, per day. Plus, aren't we encouraging more physical education and envelolvement in community activities? If school was extended, students would be extremely pressed with time, getting less sleep, and becoming less of their full self.

  • Why should we?

    Children these days already don't have time to play as much. We have kids going to charter, private and public schools for their education. A lot of schools don't have good teachers. Unless the school was to higher better teachers knowing the students will benefit from what they learned , then NO kids shouldn't have longer school days.

  • Nobody would want that

    I hail from India and am studying in the UAE. My classmates as well as me, are already so exhausted from the 6 hrs schooling we undergo everyday. And we talk about more school hours? The disadvantages of a prolonged period of school hours are numerous.
    Firstly, students will definitely get fatigued.
    Also, more schooling hours is directly proportional to more homework, so how will the students complete their homework when they would spend quite a less time at home?
    This might also affect a children's growth by not allowing to them to play outdoors. If the schooling hours are extended, the child is prospective of returning home late which might wipe away the evening play time hours.
    There also prompts up additional costs. More schooling hours = supplying breakfast, brunch & lunch in a larger quantity. If you argue further about teachers unable to finish their syllabus, then it is the teacher's fault itself and she must speed up her teaching effectively.
    I hope these arguments were enough for now, to prove my negative opinion about this motion.

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