• Yes, school uniforms should be required.

    Girls look really good in school uniforms. This makes even an average girl look pretty good. Making girls wear school uniforms will make boys want to show up to school. It will also make girls be more confident as guys will give them attention even if they are average. I like this idea.

  • Kids will not be judged if they are coming from poor families.

    If more schools had uniforms, then kids who come from poor families that can't afford name brand clothing, will not have to be teased about it and judged for it. All students would wear the same thing, therefore all be treated equal by each other. This is why I think that schools should have uniforms.

  • If they want

    If schools want to implement uniforms then they should be allowed to - there are several merits to uniforms. In socio-economically diverse schools uniforms can set the field level by not alienating children based on clothing choices, and they can focus children away from that aspect of their life in general.

  • All students wear the same thing. They won't get lost during a field trip.

    They won't get jealous of others' clothes. Also the won't get mugged by other rival schools. If they get lost or run away the school will be able to find them. If they're on a field trip and get separated from the group, they'll be easy to find. If they ditch school or play hookie the police can find them and take them back to school.

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  • School Uniforms Take Away Our Freedom To Express Ourselves!

    The clothes we wear express our personality, but if we are forced to wear a certain set of clothes, we don't get to express ourselves! Also, school uniforms can be expensive, and some people may not afford the school uniforms. School uniforms are sometimes considered uncomfortable by some students, and they can't focus on the schoolwork because their uniform is so uncomfortable!

  • Students should not be able to wear school uniforms

    School uniforms are a waste of money for the school. Schools should be spending money on text books and other things like pencils and paper. If students loose their uniforms, parents will be forced to pay extra money to the school. Poor parents will be forced to pay extra money. Students should be able to show their own personalities.

  • Uniforms aren't helping school problems....

    Uniforms do not help school problems at all. Our school got them this year, and we all hate them. Regular clothes show originality and imagination. Yes, I understand why schools do it, because girls are showing a bit too much skin. But should you really punish the entire school? If schools didn't have uniforms, but had rules such as, 'no really short skirts' or ' on clevage showing' or 'no booty jeans' we would all be happy. And yes, i understand some students are idoits and like showing off their privates, but just punish those kids! I heard, last year, a girl my sisters knew got in trouble for wearing jeggings. While another girl walking by was barely wearing any clothes! That's crazy! School news flash: just punish the bad kids instead of punishing everyone else!

  • School Uniforms Should not be Supported

    School uniforms are bad I would know i've only ever been in one school that hasn't had a uniform. School uniforms are a way to reduce expression and personality. I think School uniforms take away rights and the way kids love to dress differently. Its just not fair For students to have to wear these uniforms and it is also not fair to the parents. They have to wash those clothes every day! I say No

  • Students Shouldn't have to wear school uniforms

    Even though they're are reasons why students should wear uniforms, I still believe that students should have the freedom of wearing what they want. If your school has a dress code that's a whole different story than a uniform. A dress code just doesn't let you wear some things but a uniform makes you wear one thing.

  • Uniforms are needed for every school

    Because it not only symbolizes your school as a whole, but repents yourself as an individual. Clothes can mean whatever you want them to mean. Whether it's too look cool, tough or showy. It only matters HOW you present yourself, not what you present yourself in. School uniforms are an appropriate way to teach children that life isn't about what others think of you, but of what you think about yourself.

  • Students should not wear school uniforms.

    Students should not wear school uniforms for many reasons. To begin with, your parents would have to wash it everyday but the weekends. Also, it might be itchy and scratchy. It might get to small. If you have to go to gym you have to change into your gym uniform.

  • I do not think that students should have school uniforms.

    I do not think that students should have school uniforms. I do however think that there should be a dress code that allows a student to express his or her individuality within the limits of modesty and without wearing offensive imagery or text. It's important for children to be able to feel like they have at least a modicum of control over their own lives.

  • Students should not have school uniforms.

    Students should not have to wear school uniforms because it is unfair. Students should not be treated like prisoners in their own school. It makes more sense to let kids experiment with their own individuality and choose their own clothes. Uniforms are not popular because they are boring, ugly, and uncomfortable to wear.

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